Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 15

141______________________, Retired IAS officer has administered oath of office and secrecy as the new chairman of Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC).
A)  Tina Dabi
B) Ira Singhal
C) UN Behera
D) Gaurav Agrawal
142The ___________________ annual Kerala Arts festival, the Asia-s largest youth Arts fate has started at Kannur.
A) 52th
B) 57th
C) 55th
D) 51th
143Wholesale inflation has risen to__________________ in December 2016 compared to 3.15% in November, 2016.
A) 3.16%
B)  3.39%
C) 3.99%
D) 3.45%
144___________________has slipped 3 places to 92nd rank on the global index of talent competitiveness.
A) China
B) Pakistan
C) Bangaladesh
D) India
145________________ was India-s warmest year ever since the documenting of meteorological records began in 1901.
A) 2015
B) 2014
C) 2016
D) 2017
146_____________________ from Bangalore has emerged the winner at the Tata social Enterprise Challenge 2016-17.
A) Pentavalent Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd
B) Hindustan Lever Limited
C) Infosys Technologies Ltd
D) Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited
147____________________, Consulting Editor of NDTV has quitted the television media company after a 21-year stint to explore new opportunities and start her own venture.
A) Barkha Dutt
B)  Shena Aggarwal
C)  Roopa Mishra
D)  Shah Faesal
148__________________, A 14-year-old boy from Gujarat has received a Rs.5 crore contract from the state government for the production of drones designed by him.
A)  Sunil Kumar Barnwal
B) Iqbal Dhaliwal
C) Harshwardhan Zala
D)  Asutosh Jindal
149___________________ has scored his 27th ODI hundred against England in the first ODI in Pune reaching the milestone in 169th innings. Koholi broke the record of Sachin Tendulkar of 27th ODI hundred in 254th innings.
A) MS Dhoni
B) Virat Koholi
C) Gautam Gambhir
D) Suresh Raina
150___________________, CEO of Sony Entertainment will step down to become the Chairman of the Board of messaging app Snapchat's owner Snap Inc.
A) Pierre Nanterme
B) Michael Lynton
C) Shantanu Narayen
D) Stefano Pessina

141Ans) UN Behera
142Ans) 57th
143Ans)  3.39%
144Ans) India
145Ans) 2016
146Ans) Pentavalent Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd
147Ans) Barkha Dutt
148Ans) Harshwardhan Zala
149Ans)  Virat Koholi
150Ans) Michael Lynton

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