Current Affairs January 2017 Quiz - 13

121Russia-s Health Ministry has unveiled a proposal to ban the selling of ________________ to any one born after 2015.
A) Wine
B) cigarettes
C) Soft Drinks
D) Beer
122All Dutch trains have become __________________powered by wind energy.
A) 58%
B) 100%
C) 95%
D) 85%
123_________________ has been sworn in as President of Nicaragua for a third consecutive term.
A) Henrikh Mkhitaryan
B) David de Gea
C) Daniel Ortega
D) Roberto Carlos
124______________has been nominated for the 2017 Laure US World sports man of the year.
A) Wayne Rooney
B) Cristiano Ronaldo
C) Lionel Messi
D) Neymar
125___________________, former playboy executive has passed away at the age of 88.
A) Petr ?ech
B) Victor Lownes
C) Arjen Robben
D) Roberto Carlos
126___________________ has been appointed as the CEO and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services.
A) Satya Prabhakar
B) C. P. Gurnani
C) Rajesh Gopinathan
D) Sunil Duggal
127Retail Inflation has fallen to a nearly 3-year low of _______________ in December 2016, from 3.63% in November 2016.
A) 4.31%
B) 3.41%
C) 5.3%
D) 5.6%
128Mahindra Lifespaces Devolopers Ltd(MLDL) has proposed to developed a new industrial park near Ahmedabad with an investment of nearly____________________.
A)  Rs. 2000 crore
B)  Rs. 6000 crore
C)  Rs. 5000 crore
D)  Rs. 3000 crore
129Beating the analyst estimates, India-s second largest IT service provider Infosys has reported a______________ growth in its net profit of third quarter of the financial year 2017 ended on December 30, 2016.
A) 5%
B) 6%
C) 7%
D) 8%
130Defeating_________________India has won the FIH junior Hockey World Cup after a gap of 15 years long.
A) Prague
B)  Belgium
C) Barcelona
D) Budapest

121Ans) cigarettes
122Ans) 100%
123Ans) Daniel Ortega
124Ans) Cristiano Ronaldo
125Ans) Victor Lownes
126Ans) Rajesh Gopinathan
127Ans) 3.41%
128Ans)  Rs. 3000 crore
129Ans)  7%
130Ans)  Belgium

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