Current Affairs January 2016 Quiz - 12

111Which Indian IT company acquired UK based virtualization technology company Point to Point (P2P) for around USD 11 million in Jan 2016?
 B) Wipro
 C) Infosys
 D) HCL Technologies
112Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Start-up India action plan in New Delhi in Jan 2016 to boost entrepreneurship within India. The government has also announced to create __________ corpus fund for development and growth of innovation driven enterprises.
 A) Rs 5,000 crore
 B) Rs 10,000 crore
 C) Rs 12,000 crore
 D) Rs 15,000 crore

113"India-s Republic Day" is observed on?
 A) 25-Jan
 B) 21-Jan
 C) 24-Jan
 D) 26-Jan
114Who won the 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' award at the Golden Globe Award 2016 held in Jan 2016?
 A) Matt Damon
 B) Leonardo Dicaprio
 C) Sylvester Stallone
 D) Channing Tatum
115Who was awarded with Lee Kuan Yew Exchange Fellowship in Jan 2016 for his contribution in development and international harmony and he was awarded by Fellowship chairman Mr.Eddie Teo in Singapore.
 A) Narendra Modi
 B) Nitish Kumar
 C) Shivraj Singh Chauhan
 D) None of These
116Which electronics company acquired Altair Semiconductor for USD 12 million in Jan 2015?
 A) Samsung
 B) Sony
 C) LG
 D) Lenovo
117Who won the 'Best Original Score' award at the Golden Globe Award 2016 held in Jan 2016?
 A) Ennio Morricone
 B) Carter Burwell
 C) Alexandre Desplat
 D) Daniel Pemberton
118150th birth anniversary of great freedom fighter ___________,was celebrated 28th January 2016 across the nation.
 A) Bhagat Singh
 B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
 C) Lala Lajpat Rai
 D) None of These
119Veteran _____________ of 1970s to 1990s Anil Ganguly passed away after a brief illness. He was 82. He is best known for Jaya Bhaduri starrer, -Kora Kagaz- and -Tapasya- both the films won National Award.
 A) music director
 B) actor
 C) filmmaker
 D) lyricist
120The U.S. removed a wide range of sanctions against which country after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that it had met its commitments to roll back its nuclear programme in Jan 2016?
 A) North Korea
 B) Syria
 C) Iran
 D) Libya

111Ans) HCL Technologies
112Ans) Rs 10,000 crore
113Ans) 26-Jan
114Ans) Sylvester Stallone
115Ans) Shivraj Singh Chauhan
116Ans) Sony
117Ans) Ennio Morricone
118Ans) Lala Lajpat Rai
119Ans) filmmaker
120Ans) Iran

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