Current Affairs January 2014 Quiz - 22

211Who was named women's player of the year by FIFA in Jan 2014?
 A) Silvia Neid
 B) Abby Wambach
 C) Nadine Angerer
 D) Kerstin Garefrekes
212Which country was runners up in the Hockey World League held in New Delhi in jan 2014?
 A) New Zealand
 B) England
 C) Netherlands
 D) Australia
213The Reserve Bank of India has kept the SLR unchanged at ________ during its announcement of January 2014 monetary policy review.
 A) 25%
 B) 24%
 C) 23%
 D) 22%
214As per the UN report published in Jan 2014, India was ranked ________ among the top 20 global economies receiving the most FDI.
 A) 20th
 B) 16th
 C) 12th
 D) 15th
215Which US states has become the first one to legalise selling of Marijuana in Jan 2014?
 A) Illinois
 B) Nevada
 C) Colorado
 D) Texas
216Which Indian state launched free CFL bulbs scheme for hut dwellers in Jan 2014?
 A) Tamil Nadu
 B) Karnataka
 C) Haryana
 D) Gujarat
217World-s first Bitcoin storage service that insures deposits of the digital currency was launched in which city in Jan 2014?
 A) Paris
 B) New York
 C) Geneva
 D) London
218Which country was ranked as No 1 in the FIFA ranking published in Jan 2014?
 A) Spain
 B) Germany
 C) Argentina
 D) Italy
219India-s only and first hospital for fish will be set up in which city (announced in Jan 2014)?
 A) Puducherry
 B) Chennai
 C) Kochi
 D) Panaji
220India-s largest software services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced to set up the world's largest corporate learning and development centre in __________ in Jan 2014.
 A) Thiruvananthapuram,
 B) Kochin
 C) Mysore
 D) Mangalore

Check below for Answers:
211Ans) Nadine Angerer
212Ans) New Zealand
213Ans) 23%
214Ans) 16th
215Ans) Colorado
216Ans) Tamil Nadu
217Ans) London
218Ans) Spain
219Ans) Kochi
220Ans) Thiruvananthapuram