Current Affairs January 2014 Quiz - 21

201The Reserve Bank of India has increased the Marginal Standing Facility to ________ during its announcement of January 2014 monetary policy review.
 A) 9%
 B) 9.5%
 C) 9.25%
 D) 8.75%
202Which company/brand launched -Any Time Milk- vending machines for Milk in Jan 2014?
 A) Amul
 B) Mother Dairy
 C) Nestle
 D) Danone
203First Climate Change theatre was opened at Pushpa Gujral Science City in ___________ in Jan 2014. The theatre will educate people on climate change.
 A) Kapurthala
 B) Ludhiana
 C) Chandigarh
 D) New Delhi
204Which European football club retained the title of the world's richest soccer club in 2013 in the annual Football Money League compiled by accountants Deloitte and published in Jan 2014?
 A) Bayern Munich
 B) Barcelona
 C) Manchester United
 D) Real Madrid
205The International Cricket Council (ICC) has named Which country as the country with the best overall cricket development programme in Africa in Jan 2014?
 A) Nigeria
 B) Zambia
 C) Kenya
 D) None of These
206Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh inaugurated National Waqf Development Corporation Limited (NAWADCO) that is a new Central Public Sector Enterprise in New Delhi in January 2014 and it will remain under which ministry?
 A) Ministry of Minority Affairs
 B) Ministry of Human Resource and Development
 C) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
 D) None of These
207The Ministry of Railways announced to set up a Rail coach factory at Kolar in Jan 2014. Kolar is in which state?
 A) Karnataka
 B) Maharashtra
 C) Andhra Pradesh
 D) Kerala
208Which Indian two wheeler company, unveiled a 150cc hybrid diesel concept motorcycle RNT at the auto expo in Jan 2014?
 A) Honda Motors
 B) Hero MotoCorp
 C) Bajaj Auto
 D) TVS Auto
209The 22nd African Union summit was held in which City on Jan 30-31 2014?
 A) Lusaka
 B) Addis Ababa
 C) Nairobi
 D) Johannesburg
210Which country has the lowest unemployment rate among euro zone countries at 4.8% (announced in Jan 2014).
 A) Germany
 B) Austria
 C) Greece
 D) Switzerland

Check below for Answers:
201Ans) 9%
202Ans) Amul
203Ans) Kapurthala
204Ans) Real Madrid
205Ans) Zambia
206Ans) Ministry of Minority Affairs
207Ans) Karnataka
208Ans) Hero MotoCorp
209Ans) Addis Ababa
210Ans) Austria