Current Affairs January 2014 Quiz - 14

131Which global tech company acquired Bengaluru based Impermium for USD 9 million in Jan 2014?
 A) Microsoft
 B) Google
 C) Facebook
 D) Apple
132As per data published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Jan 2014, India-s economic growth is expected to be ______ this financial year and the growth may improve to 5.4% in the next financial year 2014-15.
 A) 4.8%
 B) 5.1%
 C) 4.6%
 D) 4.3%
133The annual World Economic Forum 2014 held in which city in Jan 2014 in which business and political leaders gathered to discuss about the strength of the global economic recovery?
 A) Davos
 B) Geneva
 C) Paris
 D) London
134Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of __________. paid official visit to New Delhi from January 25-27, 2014 and was the chief guest at this year-s Republic Day celebrations.
 A) Thailand
 B) South Korea
 C) Japan
 D) Taiwan
135Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in Jan 2014?
 A) Amrita Patel
 B) T. Nanda Kumar
 C) A Vijayanand
 D) S R Rao
136The Reserve Bank of India has advised in Jan 2014 that after 31st March this year it will completely withdraw from circulation all banknotes issued prior to ___________.
 A) 2001
 B) 2006
 C) 2004
 D) 2005
137An expert committee, headed by _______ has suggested that the apex bank should adopt the new CPI (consumer price index) as the measure of the nominal anchor for policy communication in Jan 2014. The nominal anchor or the target for inflation should be set at 4% with a band of +/- 2 per cent around it.
 A) Nachiket Mor
 B) Deepak Sinha
 C) Urjit R. Patel
 D) Narayanan Vaghul
138Which area in India has been named 'destination flyways' by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Jan 2014 after its inclusion in a list of eight such sites worldwide?
 A) Pushkar Lake
 B) Dal lake
 C) Chilika lagoon
 D) Hussian Sagar
139Which Indian American scientist has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Marconi Society Prize in jan 2014? He is the only India-born scientist to receive both the Marconi Prize and the Bell Medal, two top global IT technology awards.
 A) Aravind Joshi
 B) Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj
 C) Shwetak Patel
 D) Avinash Kak
140Famous _______ actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, also known as ANR, passed away in Jan 2014.
 A) Malaylam
 B) Tamil
 C) Telegu
 D) Kannada

Check below for Answers:
131Ans) Google
132Ans) 4.6%
133Ans) Davos
134Ans) Japan
135Ans) T. Nanda Kumar
136Ans) 2005
137Ans) Urjit R. Patel
138Ans) Chilika lagoon
139Ans) Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj
140Ans) Telegu