Current Affairs January 2014 Quiz - 13

121Which Indian state has been selected for 'Krishi Karman' Award for 2012-13 as the best performing state in overall agricultural production in the country (announced in Jan 2014)?
 A) Andhra Pradesh
 B) West Bengal
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Uttar Pradesh
122Telecom regulator TRAI has appointed whom as its new secretary in Jan 2014, ahead of it releasing the final guidelines of spectrum trading and auction of CDMA radiowaves?
 A) S S Garbyal
 B) K Jude Sekhar
 C) Sudhir Gupta
 D) Shailendra Singh
123"International Customs Day" is observed on?
 A) 25-Jan
 B) 21-Jan
 C) 24-Jan
 D) 26-Jan
124The Central Government has granted minority status to the Jain Community in Jan 2014. With this announcement, Jains became the ______ community to have minority status.
 A) Third
 B) Fourth
 C) Fifth
 D) Sixth
125Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) has appointed whom as its chief executive officer and managing director in Jan 2014?
 A) Saurabh Sarkar
 B) Sudhir Gupta
 C) S N Goel
 D) Joseph Massey
126Government has appointed which IPS officer as the new chief of the Hyderabad-based National Police Academy, alma mater for IPS officers in the country in Jan 2014?
 A) Aruna Bahuguna
 B) Subhas Goswami
 C) Ajay Chadha
 D) K Vijay Kumar
127The Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, __________ retired in Jan 2014.
 A) K.C. Chakrabarty
 B) Anand Sinha
 C) H.R. Khan
 D) Urjit Patel
128The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) constituted an expert committee to review governance of boards of banks in Jan 2014 headed by __________. The expert panel is expected to submit its report within a period three months from the date of its first meeting.
 A) Nachiket Mor
 B) Urijit Patel
 C) Usha Thorat
 D) P. J. Nayak
129POSCO, the South Korean steel maker giant has received environment clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) in Jan 2014 for a steel plant of Rs 52000 crore in which state with an annual production capacity of 12 million tones?
 A) Jharkhand
 B) Madhya Pradesh
 C) Odisha
 D) Chattisgarh
130Who won the "Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama" award in the 71st annual Golden Globes Awards presented in January 2014?
 A) Amy Adams
 B) Cate Blanchett
 C) Jennifer Lawrence
 D) None of These

Check below for Answers:
121Ans) West Bengal
122Ans) Sudhir Gupta
123Ans) 26-Jan
124Ans) Sixth
125Ans) S N Goel
126Ans) Aruna Bahuguna ( first woman to head National Police Academy)
127Ans) Anand Sinha
128Ans) P. J. Nayak
129Ans) Odisha
130Ans) Cate Blanchett