Current Affairs January 2014 Quiz - 12

111Which country won Hockey World League held in New Delhi in jan 2014?
 A) New Zealand
 B) England
 C) Netherlands
 D) Australia
112India has agreed to cooperate in the field of renewable energy, especially in the areas of solar and wind power with which country and signed a MoU for this in Jan 2014?
 B) Saudi Arabia
 C) Iran
 D) Afghanistan
113Which famous playwright and journalist won the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2014 (announced in Jan 2014) for the book "The Chronicle of the Corpse Bearer"?
 A) Arshia Sattar
 B) Cyrus Mistry
 C) Antara Dev Sen
 D) Jeet Thayil
114Which famous actor has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha on a Trinamool Congress ticket (announced his nomination in Jan 2014)?
 A) Amitabh Bachchan
 B) Shahrukh Khan
 C) Kamal Hasan
 D) Mithun Chakraborty
115Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the first Indian wicketkeeper and the ________ overall to effect 300 dismissals in One Day Internationals in Jan 2014.
 A) Third
 B) Fourth
 C) Fifth
 D) Second
116Who has been appointed Member (Finance), Atomic Energy, Space and Earth Commissions in Jan 2014?
 A) Sudarsanam Srinivasan
 B) A P Joshi
 C) Alok Sinha
 D) Shailendra Singh
117Which country is likely to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) within the next three months (announed in Jan 2014)?
 A) Afghanistan
 B) Iran
 C) Iraq
 D) North Korea
118China's economy grew by ________ in the last year 2013, maintaining its slowest growth in more than a decade (announced in Jan 2014).
 A) 7.5%
 B) 7.2%
 C) 7.7%
 D) 7.9%
119India has successfully test-fired its nuclear-capable strategic missile ____________, with a strike range of about 4,000 km, from a test range off the Odisha coast in Jan 2014.
 A) Brahmos
 B) Agni-IV
 C) Agni-V
 D) Trishul
120National Urban Health Mission was launched in Bangalore In Jan 2014. The programme aims to provide health security to urban poor and it envisages creation of necessary health check up infrastructure and the manpower requirement. Central Government will share 80% of the cost to implement the programme. This comes under which ministry?
 A) Ministry for Human Resource Development
 B) Ministry for Health and Family Welfare
 C) Ministry for Rural Development
 D) Ministry for Minority Affairs

Check below for Answers:
111Ans) Netherlands
112Ans) UAE
113Ans) Cyrus Mistry
114Ans) Mithun Chakraborty
115Ans) Fourth
116Ans) Sudarsanam Srinivasan
117Ans) Afghanistan
118Ans) 7.7%
119Ans) Agni-IV
120Ans) Ministry for Health and Family Welfare