Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz 9

81Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi has inaugurated the biennial and _____ Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors meet in Jan 2013 to attract more investment in Gujarat.
 A) Fourth
 B) Fifth
 C) Sixth
 D) Seventh
82Who has been appointed as the new Secretary of Ministry of Water Resources in Jan 2013?
 A) Syamal Kumar Sarkar
 B) Ravi Mathur
 C) Dhruv Vijai Singh
 D) Rajiv Takru
83The Indian Government has appointed whom as the chairman of the 20th Law Commission of India in Jan 2013?
 A) Justice G.S. Singhvi
 B) Justice H.L. Dattu
 C) Justice D K Jain
 D) Justice P. Sathasivam
84Shri Illayaraja has received Akademi Awards (Puraskar) for the Year 2012 for his contribution in the field of?
 A) Carnatic Instrumental - Violin
 B) Hindustani Vocal
 C) Hindustani Instrumental - Tabla
 D) Creative & Experimental Music
85Professional networking site LinkedIn has appointed whom as the new country manager for India in Jan 2013?
 A) Sanjoy Chowdhury
 B) Hari V Krishnan
 C) Nishant K Rao
 D) Neeraj Nityanand
86Which Indian actress has been recently awarded with Padma Shri Award 2013 by Indian Government in Jan 2013?
 A) Rekha
 B) Hema Malini
 C) Sridevi Kapoor
 D) Jaya Prada
87Which famous footballer won the fourth, consecutive, Ballon d'Or award at a FIFA event in Zurich in Jan 2013?
 A) Lionel Messi
 B) Cristiano Ronaldo
 C) Andres Iniesta
 D) None of These
88Former Lok Sabha Speaker and MP, PA Sangma has launched a new party with a book as its symbol. What is the name of the party?
 A) National Citizen's Party
 B) National Democratic Party
 C) National People's Party
 D) None of These
89Veteran Bengali film actor Haradhan Bandopadhyay passed away after brief illness in Jan 2013. He was last seen in which Hindi movie?
 A) Paan Singh Tomar
 B) Kahaani
 C) Barfi
 D) Vicky Donor
90Which Cricketer won the -CEAT international cricketer of the year- 2011-12 award  in Jan 2013 for his superior performance in both Tests and ODIs in 2012?
 A) Virat Kohli
 B) Hashim Amla
 C) Michael Clarke
 D) Shane Watson

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Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz - 9 Answers
81Ans) Sixth
82Ans) Syamal Kumar Sarkar
83Ans)  Justice D K Jain
84Ans) Creative & Experimental Music
85Ans) Nishant K Rao
86Ans) Sridevi Kapoor
87Ans) Lionel Messi
88Ans) National People's Party
89Ans) Barfi
90Ans) Virat Kohli