Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz 4

31Which Global auto giant was termed as the world's biggest vehicle maker for the year 2012?
 A) Toyota
 B) General Motors
 C) Ford
 D) Nissan
32Who has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda in Jan 2013?
 A) S. S. Mundra
 B) Shubhalakshmi Panse
 C) Nupur Mitra
 D) Ashwani Kumar
33Recently Moody-s reaffirms stable rating outlook for India in Jan 2013. What is India's credit rating given by Moody's?
 A) -Baa2-
 B) -Baaa-
 C) -Baa3-
 D) -Ba1-
34Which cricketer secured the No 1 rank in the recently published ICC rankings for Twenty20 batsmen in Jan 2013?
 A) Chris Gayle
 B) Brendon McCullum
 C) Shane Watson
 D) Virat Kohli
35World Economic Forum 2013 with theme "Resilient Dynamism" was held at which location?
 A) Geneva
 B) Basel
 C) Davos
 D) New York
36Who won the Men-s Singles title of the Australian Open Tennis tournament held in January 2013 at Melbourne?
 A) Andy Murray
 B) Novak Djokovic
 C) Roger Federar
 D) Rafael Nadal
37Indian National Congress party has appointed Rahul Gandhi as its Vice President in Jan 2013. With this he has become the ______ Vice President of the Congress party.
 A) Fourth
 B) Second
 C) Third
 D) First
38The government today has announced to make available the three digit emergency number, ___ as women helpline number to all states of the country.
 A) 191
 B) 181
 C) 121
 D) 171
39Which movie won the "Best Movie" award in the drama category in the recently held 70th Golden Globe Awards in Jan 2013?
 A) LincoIn
 B) Les MisÚrables
 C) Argo
 D) Life of Pi
40Recently RBI has cut interest rates and CRR by 25 bps in Jan 2013. What is the new CRR after the cut?
 A) 4%
 B) 4.25%
 C) 4.75%
 D) 4.5%

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Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz - 4 Answers
31Ans) General Motors
32Ans) S. S. Mundra
33Ans) -Baa3-
34Ans) Shane Watson
35Ans) Davos
36Ans) Novak Djokovic
37Ans) Third
38Ans) 181
39Ans) Argo
40Ans) 4%