Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz 11

101Global tech giant IBM has appointed whom as the Managing Director of IBM India Pvt Ltd in Jan 2013?
 A) Vanitha Narayanan
 B) Hari V Krishnan
 C) Nishant K Rao
 D) Neeraj Nityanand
102Smt Aditi Mangaldas has received Akademi Awards (Puraskar) for the Year 2012 for his contribution in the field of ____________.
 A) Kutiyattam
 B) Creative & Experimental Dance
 C) Kuchipudi
 D) Bharatanatyam
103Yash Pal has been recently awarded with Padma Vibhushan Award 2013 by Indian Government in Jan 2013 in which category?
 A) Civil Service
 B) Art
 C) Science and Engineering
 D) Literature & Education
104Which company has announced that it would acquire Zipcar, the world's biggest car-sharing firm, for nearly USD 500 million in Jan 2013?
 A) Europcar Groupe
 B) Hertz Global Holding
 C) Avis Budget Group
 D) None of These
105Which American politician has created history in Jan 2013 by becoming the first Hindu ever to be sworn in as a member of the US House of Representatives?
 A) Tulsi Gabbard
 B) Dalip Singh Saund
 C) Ami Bera
 D) Bobby Jindal
106India Yamaha Motor has appointed whom as the Deputy Managing Director of the company in Jan 2013?
 A) Masahiro Takizawa
 B) Masaki Asano
 C) Kozo Shinozaki
 D) Yuko Kawamoto
107As per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index published in Jan 2013, who retained the No 1 position in the world with personal fortune of more than USD 70 billion?
 A) Warren Buffet
 B) Bill Gates
 C) Carlos Slim
 D) None of These
108Recently which Country has has intervened  and sent military troops in the ongoing Mali conflict against terrorists?
 A) Germany
 B) UK
 C) France
109Who has been appointed as the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Jan 2013?
 A) Urjit Patel
 B) Subir Gokarn
 C) K C Chakrabarty
 D) Anand Sinha
110Which global news channel company has acquired US based cable television network, Current TV, which was founded by former US Vice President Al Gore for nearly USD 500 million in Jan 2013?
 B) News Corp
 C) Al Jazeera

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Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz - 11 Answers
101Ans) Vanitha Narayanan
102Ans) Creative & Experimental Dance
103Ans) Science and Engineering
104Ans) Avis Budget Group
105Ans) Tulsi Gabbard
106Ans) Masaki Asano
107Ans) Carlos Slim
108Ans) France
109Ans) Urjit Patel
110Ans) Al Jazeera