Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz 10

91India-s competition regulator, Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved 30% stake purchase by the ________ in MetLife India Insurance Company in Jan 2013.
 A) State Bank of India
 B) Bank of Baroda
 C) Punjab National Bank (PNB)
 D) IDBI Bank
92Which G8 group country has assumed its year-long presidency of the G8 group of nations as per the rotation policy in Jan 2013?
 A) UK
 C) Canada
 D) France
93US House of Representatives has finally passed the bill to avoid the Fiscal Cliff crisis in Jan 2013. As per the bill, the spending cut was delayed by _________.
 A) 4 Months
 B) 3 Months
 C) 6 Months
 D) 2 Months
94Which Indian actor has been recently awarded with Padma Shri Award 2013 by Indian Government in Jan 2013?
 A) Anupam Kher
 B) Nana Patekar
 C) Nasiruddin Shah
 D) Kader Khan
95Who has been appointed as the new Secretary of the Department of  Disinvestment in Jan 2013?
 A) Syamal Kumar Sarkar
 B) Ravi Mathur
 C) M Haleem Khan
 D) Rajiv Takru
96NYSE Listed Global IT company CSC has appointed whom as its managing director in India in Jan 2013?
 A) Brian J Manning
 B) Hari V Krishnan
 C) Nishant K Rao
 D) Neeraj Nityanand
97Which cricket team won -Team of the year- award after giving superior performance as a team in 2012 in the CEAT international award ceremony held in Jan 2013?
 A) England
 B) Australia
 C) Pakistan
 D) Sri Lanka
98Who has been appointed as the chairman of 14th finance commission by the Indian Government in Jan 2013?
 A) Dr. C. Rangarajan
 B) Dr. Bimal Jalan
 C) Vijay Kelkar
 D) Y V Reddy
99Who took over as the director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) on 31st December, 2012?
 A) S. Ramakrishnan
 B) P.S. Veeraraghavan
 C) M.C. Dathan
 D) M.Y.S. Prasad
100Which Supreme Court Justice has inaugurated the of the five newly announced fast-track courts set up in Delhi to try cases related to sexual offence against women in Jan 2013?
 A) Justice G.S. Singhvi
 B) Justice Altamas Kabir
 C) Justice D K Jain
 D) Justice P. Sathasivam

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Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz - 10 Answers
91Ans) Punjab National Bank
92Ans) UK
93Ans) 2 Months
94Ans) Nana Patekar
95Ans) Ravi Mathur
96Ans) Neeraj Nityanand
97Ans) Pakistan
98Ans) Y V Reddy
99Ans) S. Ramakrishnan
100Ans)  Justice Altamas Kabir