Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz 1

1The RBI has increased FII investment limits in government securities and corporate bonds by _________ each recent in January 2013 to attract more foreign fund inflow.
A) USD 10 billion
B) USD 2 billion
C) USD 5 billion
D) USD 1 billion
2Which company bought Philips Electronics's home entertainment (audio and video) business in Januray 2013?
B) Samsung
C) Akai
D) Funai Electric
3Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck with his Queen Jetsun Pema was the Chief Guest at the 64th Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi on 26th jan 2013. He is king of which country?
A) Brunei
B) Combodia
C) Bhutan
D) Nepal
4Which Indian Celebrity star topped the inaugural Forbes India Celebrity 100 list published in Jan 2013?
A) Amitabh Bachchan
B) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
C) Shah Rukh Khan
D) Salman Khan
5Blackberry phone maker Research in Motion, popularly known as RIM, has announced to change its name as -Blackberry-  in January 2013. Also it has launched a new operating system called?
A) iOS 5
B) Blackberry 5
C) Blackberry 10
D) RIM 5
6The Union Minister for Commerce has launched an eBizportal at the CII Partnership Summit at Agra in Jan 2013. Which India-s IT Services company has developed this portal in PPP model?
A) HCL Technologies
B) Wipro
C) Infosys
7ICC Women-s Cricket World Cup has formally started in January 2013. This is the ____ edition of Women's Cricket World Cup.
A) 8th
B) 10th
C) 9th
D) 11th
8India's National Voters Day was observed on?
A) 26th Jan
B) 15th Jan
C) 25th Jan
D) 30th Jan
9The Cabinet has approved which bill recently in January 2013 as suggested by a select committee in Rajya Sobha to fight with corruption?
A) Lokpall ammendment Bill
B) Anti-Corruption Bill
C) Lokpal bill
D) None of These
10Recently RBI has cut interest rates by 25 bps in Jan 2013. What is the new Repo rate now?
A) 8%
B) 7.5%
C) 7.75%
D) 7.25%

Check below for answers..........
Current Affairs January 2013 Quiz - 1 Answers
1Ans) USD 5 billion
2Ans) Funai Electric
3Ans) Bhutan
4Ans) Shah Rukh Khan
5Ans) Blackberry 10
6Ans) Infosys
7Ans) 10th
8Ans) 25th Jan
9Ans) Lokpal bill
10Ans) 7.75%