Current Affairs Jan 2015 Quiz - 8

71The Reserve Bank of India has cut marginal standing facility (MSF) rate by 25 bps along with Repo rate to  ________ during its announcement of xisth bi-monthly monetary policy review in Jan 2015.
A) 8.75%
B) 9%
C) 8%
D) 8.5%
72"NRI Day" is observed on?
A) 9-Jan
B) 11-Jan
C) 14-Jan
D) 10-Jan

73Haryana government has appointed whom as its brand ambassador as it plans to promote yoga and ayurveda aggressively in Jan 2015?
A) Rajneesh
B) Ravi Shankar
C) Ramdev
D) None of These
74Censor Board Chief _________ has quit as the chief of India-s Censor board in Jan 2015 citing interference and corruption of panel members appointed in the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) by the Union Information & Broadcasting Ministry.
A) Madhavi Mudgal
B) Rukmini Devi Arundale
C) Leela Samson
D) None of These
75India-s leading IT Services Company Wipro has appointed Senior VP (Finance) __________ as the new Chief Financial Officer effective from 1st April 2015 (announced in June 2015).
A) Suresh Senapaty
B) Rajiv Bansal
C) Jatin Dalal
D) Gautam Thakkar
76UK-s ___________ has been appointed as the head coach of Indian men's football team in Jan 2015.
A) Ricki Herbert
B) Wim Koevermans
C) Stephen Constantine
D) None of These
77Prakash Singh Badal was awarded with Padma Vibhushan award, India's second highest civilian, in which category in Jan 2015?
A) Social Work
B) Science and Engineering
C) Literature and Education
D) Public Affairs
78The first India-s indigenously-built Light Combat Aircraft, LCA ___________ is finally was handed over to the Indian Air Force on in Jan 2015.
A) Akash
B) Tejas
C) Pinaka
D) None of These
79Who won the Best Actor award in Musical or Comedy category at the 72nd Golden Globe Award held in Jan 2015?
A) Steve Carell
B) Michael Keaton
C) Bill Murray
D) Eddie Redmayne
80Chief Controller of Aeronautics Cluster in the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), __________ is likely to be appointed as the interim head of the government organization in Jan 2015.
A) Avinash Chander
B) K. Tamilmani
C) AS Kiran Kumar
D) None of These

71Ans) 8.75%
72Ans) 9-Jan
73Ans) Ramdev
74Ans) Leela Samson
75Ans) Jatin Dalal
76Ans) Stephen Constantine
77Ans) Public Affairs
78Ans) Tejas
79Ans) Michael Keaton
80Ans) K. Tamilmani

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