Current Affairs Jan 2015 Quiz - 15

141Nilesh Shah resigned as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD and CEO) of ______________ in Jan 2015.
A) ICICI Prudential Asset Management
B) Axis Capital Limited
C) SBI Mutual Fund
D) Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
142Former Minister of State for Public Works Department (PWD) Ram Prasad Kamal passed away in Jan 2015 after a brief illness in Allahabad. He belonged to which political party?
A) Shiv Sena
D) CPI (M)

143Who has been appointed as the head coach of Indian men's football team in Jan 2015.
A) Ricki Herbert
B) Wim Koevermans
C) Stephen Constantine
D) None of These
144Which tech company has become a new ally for 'Digital India' project in Jan 2015 to support the government-s vision for a Digital India?
A) Facebook
B) Twitter
C) Google
D) None of These
145Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative coin to mark the 175th birth anniversary of  ____________ in Jan 2015.
A) JRD Tata
B) Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
C) Aditya Birla
D) None of These
146Handset maker _________ partnered with Idea Cellular to help subscribers of the telecom services firm pay for apps as part of monthly bills in Jan 2015.
A) Aircel
B) Microsoft
C) Samsung
D) Micromax
147Who was appointed as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of BAE Systems India (Services) Private Limited with effect from 1st January 2015?
A) Aditya Puri
B) Deepak Parekh
C) Chanda Kochhar
D) K. V. Kamath
148The Ajay Bijli led PVR group acquired which cinemas in Jan 2015?
A) PVR Cinemas
B) SPI Cinemas
C) Inox
D) None of These
149Which Indian PSU bank inked an agreement with HUL arm Lakme Salons to bring easy financing options to fuel women entrepreneurship in Jan 2015?
A) Bank of Baroda
B) State Bank of India
C) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
D) Central Bank of India
150Which bank won the Best Tech Savvy Bank - Runner Up award in MSME Banking Excellence Awards 2014 (announced in Jan 2015)?
A) Bank of Baroda
B) Bank of Maharashtra
C) Karur Vysya Bank
D) Corporation Bank

141Ans) Axis Capital Limited
142Ans) BJP
143Ans) Stephen Constantine
144Ans) Google
145Ans) Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
146Ans) Microsoft
147Ans) Deepak Parekh
148Ans) SPI Cinemas
149Ans) Bharatiya Mahila Bank
150Ans) Karur Vysya Bank

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