Current Affairs Global - 5 November 2014

1. In USA, Republicans seized control of the Senate in mid-term elections as President Barack Obama continues to lose popularity among Americans. This will make difficult for him to complete his remaining two years terms in office.

With this, Republicans now have the control of the Senate along with the House of Representatives for the first time since elections in 2006. The country went to the polls last night to elect one third of the 100-seat Senate, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 36 out of 50 state governors, and countless state and local offices. The mid-term elections are held in the middle of a presidential term.

2. The Italian physicist Fabiola Gianotti has been appointed as first woman chief of CERN particle physics research centre. With this, she has become the first women to head one of the most important global scientific research institution.

She will replace Rolf Heuer and will take up the post in January 2016. Her appointment was decided at a meeting of the centre's ruling council. Earlier she led the CERN discovery of the Higgs boson particle successfully in 2012.

3. European Union lowered its economic growth forecasts for the entire region which confirms lower growth and slow recovery for the biggest economies in the region including France, Spain, and Italy etc. Economic growth forecast for 18-country Eurozone was lowered to 0.8% compared to earlier prediction of 1.2%.

At the same time, Economic growth forecast for 28-country European Union was lowered to 1.3% compared to earlier forecast of 1.6%. This will lead to longer than expected recovery time for the entire region.