Current Affairs Global - 30 June 2015

1. Greece has confirmed that it will not pay a key IMF debt due on 30th June, leading to default and fearing of its exit from eurozone. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged Greeks to reject creditors' tough reform demands in a referendum scheduled for this Sunday. If Greece fails to pay its debt payment to IMF, then it will the first country to default on IMF loan after Zimbabwe in 2001.

At the same time, Greece has submitted a two year aid proposal and requested for 29.1 billion euro to pay its debt payments for next 2 years in order to restructure its debt.

2. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani nominated a female judge to the Supreme Court for the first time. Anisa Rasouli, the head of the Afghan Women Judges Association and a former juvenile court judge, was the only female nominated to the nine-member bench.