Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 5

41________________, member (Finance) in Prasar Bharati has become the acting CEO of Prasar Bharati.
A) Sanjiv Singh
B) Rajiv Singh
C) Ranjit Sekhar
D) Vijay Salaskar
42___________________has become the new chief economist of the IndusInd Bank.
A) Rakesh Maria
B) Sanjiv Kapoor
C) Gaurav Kapur
D) Shankar Bidari
43Joint exercise of Indian Coast Guard and UAE coast Guard has started at the _________________.
A) Fatima Srayya Bajija
B) Mina Al Rashid
C) Ashfaq Rasid
D) Altaf Fatima
44The__________________ and Snooker Federation of India will host the world Billiards Championship for the next four years.
A) Golf
B)  Billiards
C) Cricket
D) Tennis
45_____________________ has won women-s Singles title in 81st Senior National Badminton Chairmanships tournament.
A) Rina Ghosh
B) Rituparna Das
C) Piupa Dey
D) Ankita Jana
46__________________, driver of Netaji subash Chandra Bose has passed away at the age of 116.
A) Tariq Ali
B) Ahmed Nadeem
C) Nizamuddin
D) Anis Nagi
47________________, chairperson, President and CEO has received an annual incentive payout of Rs.33.3 crore.
A) James Agate
B) Ginni Rometty
C) Jane Anger
D) Joan Aiken
48Renowned Indian Origin sculpture Anish Kapoor has been honored with the prestigious $ 1 million 2017 Genesis prize by____________________.
A) Kandahar
B) Kabul
C)  Israel
D) Hirat
49China has surpassed Germany to become the world-s largest producer of______________.
A) Bio gas energy
B) Bio energy
C)  solar energy
D) Bttery energy
50The three day Desert Festival of Jaisalmer has began at ___________________.
A) Dust Sand Dunes
B) Great Sand Dunes
C) Sam Sand Dunes
D) Mars Sand Dunes

41Ans) Rajiv Singh
42Ans) Gaurav Kapur
43Ans) Mina Al Rashid
44Ans)  Billiards
45Ans) Rituparna Das
46Ans) Nizamuddin
47Ans) Ginni Rometty
48Ans)  Israel
49Ans)  solar energy
50Ans) Sam Sand Dunes

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