Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 20

191Former Union Minister _____________________passed away at the age of 88.
 A) P Balaji
 B) K Tambe
 C) P Shiva Shankar
 D) M Nair
192______________________ has been elected as new national chairman of US Democrats.
 A) Felix Salten
 B) Tom Perez
 C) Carlo Collodi
 D) Louis Carrol
193The ninth__________________Summit will be held in Xiamen city of China.
194The Showbiz fairy tale -________________- has won leading six awards at the 89th Oscar Academy Awards.
 A) Andras Baive
 B) La la Land
 C) Bash and Chalik
 D) Aurore and Aimee
195______________________, the Iranian film by director Asghar Farhadi, has named as the best foreign language film at the Oscars 2017.
 A) Children of Heaven
 B) The sales man
 C) The Cow
 D) Lizard
196________________ Language has become the official language of New Zealand after English and Maori.
 A) Sign
 B) Thai
 C) Aije
 D) Annu
197Nobel winning Economist, mathematician ________________ has passed away at the age of 95.
 A) Allan Turing
 B) Kenneth J Arrow
 C) Charles Babbaage
 D) George Boole
198National Science Day is observed on________________________.
 A) 20th February
 B)  28th February
 C) 25th February
 D) 23rd February
199________________ has been appointed as the honourary brand ambassador of Sightsaver India to prevent avoidable blindness.
 A) Vishant V
 B) Kabir Bedi
 C) Satish Chavan
 D) Sudhir Tambe
200Replacing Gopal Baglay, ___________________has been appointed as new MEA spokesperson.
 A) Sunil Sood
 B) Vikas Swarup
 C) Awarup Nair
 D) P Balaji
201The integrated heliport of India has been inaugurated at ____________ in North Delhi.
 A) Sohini
 B) Rohini
 C) Rai
 D) Rani
202Goods and Services Tax will be implemented from _______________ 2017.
 A) 9th March
 B) 1st of July
 C) 1st April
 D) 15th Juy
203By the report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) India-s GDP growth will be at ________________ for the current fiscal, 7.3% for the next and 7.7% for 2018-19.
 A) 8%
 B) 7%
 C) 5%
 D) 6.2%
204Indian International Cricketer ________________has named as the captain of the year at the 10th annual ESPN Crikinfo Awards.
 A) Gautam Gambhir
 B) Sunil Narrin
 C) Birendra Sehwag
 D) Virat Kohli
205Indian shooter ___________________ has won Silver in the Men-s Double Trap event at the ISSF world cup in New Delhi.
 A) Abhinav Brinda
 B) Ankur Mittal
 C) Rajyavardhan Singh
 D) Gagan Narang
206Former Union Minister ____________________ has passed away at the age of 89.
 A) Vishant V
 B) P. Shiv Shankar
 C) Kumar Das
 D) Subhamoy Roy

191Ans) P Shiva Shankar
192Ans) Tom Perez
193Ans)  BRICS
194Ans) La la Land
195Ans) The sales man
196Ans) Sign
197Ans) Kenneth J Arrow
198Ans)  28th February
199Ans) Kabir Bedi
200Ans) Vikas Swarup
201Ans) Rohini
202Ans) 1st of July
203Ans) 7%
204Ans) Virat Kohli
205Ans) Ankur Mittal
206Ans) P. Shiv Shankar

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