Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 2

11Fiscal deficit in the first nine months of 2016-17 has touched ___________________ of the Budget estimate against 87.9% in the corresponding nine months a year ago.
A) 90.3%
B) 93.9 %
C) 93.4%
D) 93.5%
12The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi will be opened to the public on __________.
A) 5th February
B) 4th February
C) 1st February
D) 3rd February
13Defeating England India has won the T20 cricket Series by 75 runs in____________.
A) Chennai
B) Pune
C)  Bengaluru
D) Mumbai
14___________________, Prime Minister of UK has received the first stage of approval of Parlament to begin the process of Britain-s exit from European Union (EU).
A) John Major
B) Theresa May
C) Margaret Thatcher
D) James Callaghan
15___________________, the former chairman and executive of Exxon mobil, has been sworn in as the secretary of state of President Donald Trump.
A) Martin Dickson
B) David Barclay
C) Roly Keating
D) Rex Tillerson
16Olympic and Paralympic medals for Tokyo 2020 Games will be made from ____________.
A) Recycled mobile phones
B) Recycled Laptops
C) Recycled tablets
D) Recycled Cameras
17Former England midfield star____________________has declared his retirement.
A) John Ritblat
B) Lord Janvrin
C)  Frank Lampard
D) Simon Thurlay
18The 9th edition of the four day India ___________________ has started at the NSIC ground in Okhla, New Delhi.
A) Photography Fair
B) Craft Fair
C) Art Fair
D) Book Fair
19____________________, former BSE CEO has been appointed as Chief Business Officer of Uber.
A) Madhu Kannan
B) M. L. Kumawat
C) Rakesh Maria
D) Sanjeev Tripathi
20__________________, former Global Strategist and Managing Director of Deutshe Bank has been appointed as the Principle Economic Advisor under department of Economic Affairs.
A) Ratan Kumar
B) Sanjib Sanyal
C) Sanjay Dubay
D) Arun Sanyal

11Ans) 93.9 %
12Ans) 5th February
13Ans)  Bengaluru
14Ans) Theresa May
15Ans) Rex Tillerson
16Ans) recycled mobile phones
17Ans)  Frank Lampard
18Ans) Art Fair
19Ans) Madhu Kannan
20Ans) Sanjib Sanyal

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