Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 18

171For the outstanding performance at the national and International fronts between the years 2013 to 2017, 42 sports person of Haryana has been awarded with _____________.
 A) Tine Choice Award
 B) Academy Award
 C) Bhim Award
 D) Golden Globe Award
172________________, wife of Azerbaijan-s President Ilham Aliyev has been appointed as the first Vice President of the Country.
 A) Mehriban Aliyev
 B) Ben Hogan
 C) Byron Nelson
 D) Hall Sutton
173A zip line connecting_________________ to Portugal is known to be the first cross border zip line in the world.
 A) France
 B) Germany
 C)  Spain
 D) Italy
174American Professional Golfer___________________ has claimed No.1 position in official world golf ranking for the first time in his carrier.
 A) Bubba Watson
 B) Tiger Woods
 C)  Dustin Hunter Johnson
 D) Jack Nicklaus
175______________________ has been elected as the Chairman of Indian hotel.
 A)  Pravin Darekar
 B) Narayan Rane
 C) Neelam Gorhe
 D) N.Chandrasekaran
176__________________, the Chief Executive officer of Jasper Infotech owned digital payments platform FreeCharges has submitted his resignation.
 A) Indra Nooyi
 B) Gobind Ranjan
 C) Satya Nadella
 D) Sunil Bharti Mittal
177India-s growth is projected to slow to ________________ in 2016-17 fiscal due to the strains that have emerged in the economy as a result of temporary disruptions caused by demonetization.
 A) 5.2%
 B) 6.2%
 C) 6.6%
 D) 6.5%
178The Gross Value added (GVA) is set to slip to ________________in the December quarter from 6.9% a year ago.
 A) 5.5%
 B) 6.8%
 C) 6.3%
 D) 6.2%
179India-s one day captain Mithali Raj and__________________were placed second and tenth in the ITC Batswomen ranking.
 A) Amarsinh Pandit
 B) Vijay Girkar
 C)  Harmanpreet Kaur
 D) Harisingh Rathod
180Chinese multinational telecommunication equipment company, _______________has launched the next generation 5G IT Base Band unit (BBU) partnered with Intel Corporation.
 A) Lenovo
 C) Micromax
 D) Maxx

171Ans) Bhim Award
172Ans) Mehriban Aliyev
173Ans)  Spain
174Ans)  Dustin Hunter Johnson
175Ans) N.Chandrasekaran
176Ans) Gobind Ranjan
177Ans) 6.6%
178Ans) 6.2%
179Ans)  Harmanpreet Kaur
180Ans) ZTE

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