Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 16

151Elon Musk-led space exploration startup Space X has successfully launched its Dragon Spacecraft to deliver nearly_________________of cargo to International Space Station (ISS) for NASA.
 A) 2300kg
 B)  2500kg
 C) 2100kg
 D) 2000kg
152Pakistani all rounder __________________has retired from International Cricket.
 A) Mohammad Amir
 B) Shahid Afridi
 C) Misbah-ul-Haq
 D) Azhar Ali
153Thirteen-year-old from __________________Palestine has broken the world record for the -Most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute.
 A) Mohammed Amir
 B) Mohammed Hafeez
 C) Mohammed Alsheikh
 D) Ahmed Sehzad
154Frenchman______________________has won the Rotterdam tennis title.
 A) Fredrik Stang
 B)  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
 C) Wollert Konow
 D) Hans Jacob Horst
155_________________, the Chairwoman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee has passed away at the age of 65.
 A) Kaci Kullmann Five
 B) Francis Hagerup
 C) Halvdan Koht
 D) Christian Lous Lange
156_______________________ has taken over as the Chairman of Tata Sons.
 A) Pravin Darekar
 B) Sadabhau Khot
 C) Pandurang Phundkar
 D) N. Chandrasekharan
157_____________________ has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).
 A) Shantanu Narayen
 B) Ajaypal Singh Banga
 C) V.Ramkrishnan
 D) Kenneth I. Chenault
158The Ahmedabad-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) has received the prestigious International Mercury Award (IMA) for the year __________.
 A) 2017-18
 B) 2016-17
 C) 2015-16
 D) 2014-15
159___________________ will start initial deliveries of military helicopters to India in 2018.
 A) America
 B) Russia
 C) Japan
 D) England
160Tata Steel-s __________________ has honoured with the best Green Organization of the year award at the Global Green Future Leadership Awards.
 A) Pyne Mine
 B) Katamati iron mine
 C) Hibernia mines
 D) Jackson Mine

151Ans)  2500kg
152Ans) Shahid Afridi
153Ans) Mohammed Alsheikh
154Ans)  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
155Ans) Kaci Kullmann Five
156Ans) N. Chandrasekharan
157Ans) V.Ramkrishnan
158Ans) 2016-17
159Ans) Russia
160Ans) Katamati iron mine

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