Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 14

131________________, Managing Director and CEO of Indian arm of Vodafone has been brought to work on the proposed merger of Vodafone India with Idea cellular.
A) Naveen Chopra
B) Martin Pieteres
C) Thomas Reistan
D) Sunil Sood
132The tenure of _________________as the chairman of SEBI has been cut by two years.
A) Sandeep Kataria
B) B Kumar
C) Nick Gliddon
D) Ajay Tyagi
133Melody queen _________________has been honored with the legendary award 2017.
A) Lata Mangeskar
B) Sandhya Mukherjee
C) Asha Bhoslay
D) Konika Bandhyopaddhay
134__________________ has been awarded with ISO 27001:2013 certification for its Information Security Management System.
A) Northern Bank
B) South Indian Bank
C) Kanara Bank
D) Punjab Bank
135________________ has been awarded with the 2017 National MSME excellence award.
A) Punjab National Bank
B) United Bank of India
C) Corporation Bank
D) Oriental Bank of Commerce
136Renowned Hindi litterateur and Play write_____________ has been selected for 2016 Vyas Samman for his Nobel Kaatna Shamika Vrikha Padma Pankhuri Ki Dharse.
A) Rajib Verma
B)  Surendra Verma
C) Kumar Das
D) P. Balaji
137Grand Master __________________ and International master Padmini Rout has created history by winning the World Women-s Cheese Championship in Tehra.
A) Drona Valli Harika
B) Hou Yifan
C) Anna Ushenina
D) Alisa Galliamova
138Indian women-s Rugby team has won a _________________ at the Asian women-s Rugby trophy Laos.
A) Gold Medal
B) Bronze Medal
C) Trophy
D) silver medal
139___________________, former M.P from Nagpur has passed away at the age of 78.
A) Arun kakajagtap
B) Jambuwantrao Dhote
C) Satej Patil
D) Ravindra Phatak
140A new version of a Trump administration travel ban will not stop __________ residency holders or travellers already on planes from entering the United States.
A) green card
B) Blue card
C) Yellow card
D) Black card

131Ans) Martin Pieteres
132Ans) Ajay Tyagi
133Ans) Lata Mangeskar
134Ans) South Indian Bank
135Ans) Corporation Bank
136Ans)  Surendra Verma
137Ans) Drona Valli Harika
138Ans) silver medal
139Ans) Jambuwantrao Dhote
140Ans) green card

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