Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 12

111Mamata Banerjee, Chief minister of West Bengal has declared __________________ as the new seperate district of West Bengal.
A) Karshiang
B) Gangtok
C) Kalimpong
D) Jalpaiguri
112Tata Motors and _________________has signed an agreement to develop India-s first cloud connected smart cars.
A) Asus
B) Samsung
C) Microsoft
D) Acer
113Indian professional _____________________ has been honored with an honorary doctorate degree by Desh Bhagat University.
A) Ajay Jain
B) Sandeep Singh
C) Sanjeev Singh
D) Vijay Dubey
114___________________ has been appointed as the first ever Chief Operating Officer (COO) of whatsapp.
A) Matt Idema
B) Dara Khoshrorshahi
C) Larry Ellison
D) Larry Page
115The World wildlife Fund (WWF) has chosen ___________________ as their logo to save printing costs.
A) Leopard
B) Lion
C) Panda
D) Monkey
116____________________, an Indian origin constable with Scottland Yard has been awarded with outstanding Bravery of the year award 2017.
A) Summer Redstone
B) Shand Panesar
C) Jay Z
D) Venky S
117The 2017 Cobra Gold Military Exercise has started at the Sattahip Royal Thai Marine Corps Base in Chonburi Province, ___________________.
A) Thailand
B) Poland
C) Italy
D) Phinland
118______________________, spokesperson of Ministry of External affairs has been appointed as high commissioner of India to Canada.
A) Vinay Deubey
B) Vikas Sawarup
C) Ajit Singh
D) Sameer Verma
119_________________ has become the new non executive chairman of Punjab National Bank.
A) Paul Allen
B) Sunil Mehata
C) Richard Branson
D) Sinjeev Kumar
120Foreign Tourist arrivals to India in this year in growth of ____________ compare to the same period last year.
A) 15.7%
B) 15.2%
C) 16.5%
D) 17.2%

111Ans) Kalimpong
112Ans) Microsoft
113Ans) Sandeep Singh
114Ans) Matt Idema
115Ans) Panda
116Ans) Shand Panesar
117Ans) Thailand
118Ans) Vikas Sawarup
119Ans) Sunil Mehata
120Ans) 16.5%

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