Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 11

101The International Coin Fair has started at ______________ Palace in Thirubanantapuram, Kerala.
A) Waynad
B) Kanakakunnu
C) Kannur
D) Malappuram
102PSLV-C37 carrying CARTOSAT-2 series earth observational satellite and 103 nano satellites has lifted off from _________________, Andhra Pradesh.
A) Hindupur
B) Amaravati
C) Sriharikota
D) Chittoor
103___________________ of Mumbai has been awarded the Candidate Master (CM) title by the World Chess Federation body, FIDE.
A) Amit Mutatkar
B) Shyam Gokhale
C) Saili Rane
D) Kush Bhagat
104_________________ has become the first Indian to claim the New Zealand grand Prix in Manfields, New Zealand.
A) Vimal Kumar
B) Nandu M. Natekar
C) Jehan Daruvala
D) A Mutatkar
105__________________, former correspondent of Press Trust of India has passed away at the age of 93.
A) Saili Rane
B) T V Parasuram
C) S Gokhale
D) V Shyam
106The two days Nature Fest of UNESCO has been organized at the world heritage site Great Himalayan National Park at ________________, Himachal Pradesh.
A) Kaziranga
B) Jim Corbett
C) Sairopa
D) Kanha
107___________________, Austrelian cricketer has decleared his retirement from all formats of International Crickets.
A) Nikhil Kanetkar
B) Adam Voges
C) Lee Chong Wei
D) Chen Long
108American gymnast ___________________ and Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt have won the Laureus sports women and sports man award.
A) Marry Lou Ritton
B) Aly Raiseman
C) Shannon Miller
D) Simone Biles
109Legendary American Jazz singer ___________________ has passed away at the age of 76 in Los angeles.
A) Harry Connick Jr.
B) Tony Bennett
C) Al Jarreau
D) Norah Johns
110___________________ has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu by C Vidyasagar, the Governor of Tamilnadu.
A) Dindigul C.Sreenivasan
B) K.A.Sengottaiyan
C)  Sellur K.Raju
D) Edappadi K PalaniSwami

101Ans) Kanakakunnu
102Ans) Sriharikota
103Ans) Kush Bhagat
104Ans) Jehan Daruvala
105Ans) T V Parasuram
106Ans) Sairopa
107Ans) Adam Voges
108Ans) Simone Biles
109Ans) Al Jarreau
110Ans) Edappadi K PalaniSwami

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