Current Affairs February 2017 Quiz - 10

91Whole sale inflation rose to a thirty month high of ______________________ in January 2017 comparing 3.39% in December, last year.
A) 5.55%
B) 5.25%
C) 5.25%
D) 5.10%
92_____________________and Patanjali has tied up for physical refining and packaging of edible oil.
A) Healthy soya
B) Fortune Soya
C) Ruchi Soya
D) Nutri Soya
93____________________- has been elected as the new President of Germany.
A) Frank Walter Steinmeier
B) Charlotte Anley
C) Joan Aiken
D) Grace Aguilar
94___________________, executive producer of Hollywood movies like Suicide Aquad and Batman-V has been appointed as the 77th US Treasury secretary.
A) John Aikin
B) Steven Mnuchin
C) Alfred Ainger
D) Fleur Adcock
95______________has become the first women foreign secretary of Pakistan.
A) Margot Asquith
B) Tehmina Janjua
C) Mabel Lucie Attwell
D) Penelope Aubin
96___________________, National Security advisor of US President Donald Trump has resigned from his post.
A) Boris Becker
B) Michael Flynn
C) Ivan Lendl
D) Fred Perry
97A Rufous-tailed_________________ has been spotted in high mountain region of Nepal.
A)  Rock Thrush
B) Acon Sagua
C) Mount Gongga
D) Kongur Tagh
98The worlds longest elevated cycle path has been opened in ________________, China.
A) Turpan
B) Urumqi
C) Xiamen
D) Dunhuang
99English batsman _______________- has been appointed as the new test captain of England.
A) Joe Root
B) Rod Laver
C) Arthur Ashe
D) Monica Seles
100__________________ has been elected as the new President of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India (ICAI).
A) Andy Roddick
B) Nilesh Vikamsey
C) Anup Sridhar
D) Jimmy Konnors

91Ans) 5.25%
92Ans) Ruchi Soya
93Ans) Frank Walter Steinmeier
94Ans) Steven Mnuchin
95Ans) Tehmina Janjua
96Ans) Michael Flynn
97Ans)  Rock Thrush
98Ans) Xiamen
99Ans) Joe Root
100Ans) Nilesh Vikamsey

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