Current Affairs February 2016 Quiz - 2

11India-s core sector, consisting of key eight core sectors, grew by __________ in December 2015 (announced in Feb 2016).
 A) (-) 1.3%.
 B) 3.2%
 C) 0.9%
 D) (-) 0.8%
12Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has announced to launch WiFi facilities at how many stations this year during his Railway Budget speech for FY 2016-17?
 A) 50
 B) 100
 C) 150
 D) 200

13The Reserve Bank of India has kept the SLR rate unchanged at  ________ during its sixth bi-monthly monetary policy review meeting for fiscal year 2015-16 in Feb 2016.
 A) 23.5%
 B) 22.5%
 C) 23%
 D) 21.5%
14"National Science Day" is observed on?
 A) 22nd Feb
 B) 28th Feb
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 27th Feb
15Who won the 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' award at the 88th Academy Awards 2016 held in Feb 2016?
 A) Jennifer Lawrence
 B) Kate Winslet
 C) Alicia Vikander
 D) Sandra Bullock
16Famous Indian shuttler ____________ won the Men's Singles title of the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold Badminton Championships held in Feb 2016.
 A) Parupalli Kashyap
 B) Pullela Gopichand
 C) K. Srikanth
 D) None of These
17Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has announced to increase lower berth quota for senior citizens by ___________- during his Railway Budget speech for FY 2016-17?
 A) 20%
 B) 25%
 C) 50%
 D) 60%
18Which Company overtook apple to become the most valued publicly traded company in the world with market capitalization of USD 570 billion in Feb 2016?
 A) Exxon Mobil
 B) Microsoft
 C) Alphabet
 D) Facebook
19Which Indian state has emerged as India's fastest growing state, with a growth rate of 9.7% in 2013-14, as per a study by India Spend published in Feb 2016?
 A) Bihar
 B) Tripura
 C) Meghalaya
 D) Assam
20Which IPS officer was appointed as the Director General of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) that guards India's frontiers with Nepal and Bhutan in Feb 2016?
 A) Archana Ramasundram
 B) K Durga Prasad
 C) Ajay Chadha
 D) None of These

11Ans) 0.9%
12Ans) 100
13Ans) 21.5%
14Ans) 28th Feb
15Ans) Alicia Vikander
16Ans) K. Srikanth
17Ans) 50%
18Ans) Alphabet
19Ans) Meghalaya
20Ans) Archana Ramasundram

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