Current Affairs February 2016 Quiz - 1

1Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget 2016 in Feb 2016. Fiscal deficit for FY 2016-17 has been set at ________.
 A) 3.1%
 B) 3.5%
 C) 3.9%
 D) 4.3%
2Which movie won the 'Best Picture - Animated' award at the 88th Academy Awards 2016 held in Feb 2016?
 A) Brave
 B) The Good Dinosaur
 C) Inside Out
 D) Kung Fu Panda-2

3"Central Excise Day" is observed on?
 A) 22nd Feb
 B) 28th Feb
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 27th Feb
4The Reserve Bank of India has kept repo rate unchanged  ________ during its sixth bi-monthly monetary policy review meeting for fiscal year 2015-16 in Feb 2016.
 A) 7.25%
 B) 6.75%
 C) 6.5%
 D) 7%
5Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has announced to enhance capacity of e-ticketing system from 2,000 tickets per minute to _________ tickets per minute- during his Railway Budget speech for FY 2016-17?
 A) 4,800
 B) 5,200
 C) 7,200
 D) 9,600
6Who won the Australian Open Men's Singles Title held in Feb 2016?
 A) Andy Murray
 B) Novak Djokovic
 C) Roger Federar
 D) Rafael Nadal
7Veteran British __________ Frank Finlay has passed away yesterday. He was 89.
 A) musician
 B) director
 C) actor
 D) author
8India-s top IT Services companies, ____________ have joined the list of companies in USA to support US President Barack Obama-s just announced -Computer Science for All- initiative.
 A) Infosys and HCL
 B) Infosys and TCS
 C) Infosys and Wipro
 D) Wipro and TCS
9Who won the 'Best Actress' award at the 88th Academy Awards 2016 held in Feb 2016?
 A) Jennifer Lawrence
 B) Kate Winslet
 C) Brie Larson
 D) Sandra Bullock
10Who has been appointed India's next Ambassador to Mexico in Feb 2016?
 A) Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi
 B) Jaideep Sarkar
 C) Vijay Keshav Gokhale
 D) N Venugopala Rao

1Ans) 3.5%
2Ans) Inside Out
3Ans) 24th Feb
4Ans) 6.75%
5Ans) 7,200
6Ans) Novak Djokovic
7Ans) actor
8Ans) Infosys and TCS
9Ans) Brie Larson
10Ans) Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi

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