Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 6

51Who became the next prime minister of Nepal in Feb 2014?
 A) Prachanda
 B) Girija Prasad Koirala
 C) Sushil Koirala
 D) Sher Bahadur Deuba
52ICC approved controversial structural reform in Feb 2014 and has given most power to 3 boards. Which in the list is not one of them?
 A) England
 B) India
 C) South Africa
 D) Australia
53Kumar Sangakkara became only the second player to hit a triple century and a century in the same match while playing against Bangladesh in February 2014. Earlier who achieved the same feat?
 A) Geoffrey Boycott
 B) Mike Gatting
 C) Ian Botham
 D) Graham Gooch
54"World Day of Social Justice" is observed on ______________?
 A) 21st Feb
 B) 25th Feb
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 20th Feb
55Which Tour operator announced merger of its operations with resort owner Sterling Holiday Resorts India Ltd in a deal valued at Rs 870 crore in Feb 2014?
 A) Yatra
 B) MakeMyTrip
 C) Thomas Cook India Ltd
 D) None of These
56Indian Olympic Association conducted its polls in Feb 2014 and _________ was elected as the president. This also cleared India-s return to the Olympic fold.
 A) Anil Khanna
 B) N Ramachandran
 C) N. Srinivasan
 D) Akhilesh Das Gupta
57Which of the following countries will host 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Feb 2018?
 A) Norway
 B) China
 C) South Korea
 D) Germany
58Which film has won the Golden Conch Award for the Best Documentary Film at the Mumbai International Film Festival in the -Documentary, Short and Animation Films- category in Feb 2014?
 A) In Between : Isang Yun in North and South Korea
 B) Tamaash
 C) Are You Listening
 D) None of These
59USA unemployment rate stood at ______ in January (announced in Feb 2014).
 A) 6.7%
 B) 7.1%
 C) 6.6%
 D) 6.9%
60Who has been named as the top US philanthropists for 2013 who donated shares worth of more than USD 970 million to a Silicon Valley foundation (announced in Feb 2014)?
 A) Dustin Moskovitz
 B) Bill Gates
 C) Mark Zuckerberg
 D) Warren Buffett

Check below for Answers:
51Ans) Sushil Koirala
52Ans) South Africa
53Ans) Graham Gooch
54Ans) 20th Feb
55Ans) Thomas Cook India Ltd
56Ans) N Ramachandran
57Ans) South Korea
58Ans) Are You Listening
59Ans) 6.6%
60Ans) Mark Zuckerberg