Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 4

31The Central government has set up a committee today to suggest suitable and corrective measures to address concerns regarding security of people from North East in Feb 2014. The six-member panel will be headed by ___________.
 A) M P Bezbaruah
 B) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
 C) Sam Pitroda
 D) Nachiket Mor
32Who in the below list was nominated for the World Children's Prize in Sweden in Feb 2014?
 A) Malala Yousafzai
 B) Lyudmila Ulitskaya
 C) Ai Xiaoming
 D) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
33"World Radio Day" is observed on which date to increase awareness about the importance of Radio?
 A) 23rd Feb
 B) 13th Feb
 C) 11th Feb
 D) 17th Feb
34The global conversation organisation, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) has appointed whom as director-general (DG) of the WWF International in February 2014?
 A) Marco Lambertini
 B) James Leape
 C) Peter Schei
 D) None of These
35Who topped the Fortune list of '50 most powerful women in business: Global edition announced in Feb 2014?
 A) Mary Barra
 B) Ginni Rometty
 C) Maria das Gracas Silva Foster
 D) Sheryl Sandberg
36Which tech company released Chromebox for video conferencing in Feb 2014?
 A) Microsoft
 B) Facebook
 C) Google
 D) Yahoo
37Who won the "Best Actress" award in the BAFTA 2014 Awards presented in February 2014?
 A) Amy Adams
 B) Cate Blanchett
 C) Jennifer Lawrence
 D) None of These
38The 22nd Winter Olympics was held at ________ in February 2014.
 A) Sochi
 B) London
 C) Beijing
 D) Moscow
39Which famous England batsman-s international career ended by England Cricket Board in February 2014?
 A) Kevin Pietersen
 B) Monty Paneshar
 C) Graeme Swann
 D) Ian Bell
40The Union Cabinet cleared the Telangana Bill and Parliament passed the same. With this, Telengana will be India's __________state.
 A) 28th
 B) 27th
 C) 29th
 D) 30th

Check below for Answers:
31Ans) M P Bezbaruah
32Ans) Malala Yousafzai
33Ans) 13th Feb
34Ans) Marco Lambertini
35Ans) Mary Barra
36Ans) Google
37Ans) Cate Blanchett
38Ans) Sochi
39Ans) Kevin Pietersen
40Ans) 29th