Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 2

11Which Social networking giant celebrated its 10th birthday in Feb 2014?
 A) Google Plus
 B) LinedIn
 C) Facebook
 D) Orkut
12India overtook Which country to become the third largest crude oil importer in the World, as per the data released by Reuters in Feb 2014?
 A) China
 B) Japan
 C) Germany
 D) UK
13The Chartered Accountants Institute has appointed whom as its new Vice-President in for 2014-15 in Fe 2014?
 A) Manoj Fadnis
 B) Sirajuddin Qureshi
 C) K Raghu
 D) R. Chandrashekhar
14India-s core sector output, consisting of eight key sectors, growth stood at ______ in December (announced in Feb 2014).
 A) -1.1%
 B) 1.5%
 C) 2.1%
 D) 0.7%
15Who remains top of the men-s ATP tennis rankings released in Feb 2014?
 A) David Ferrer
 B) Novak Djokavic
 C) Statislas Wawrinka
 D) Rafael Nadal
16"National Science Day" is observed on?
 A) 22nd Feb
 B) 28th Feb
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 27th Feb
17Who retained her top position in the WTA women-s tennis rankings issued in Feb 2014?
 A) Serena Williams
 B) Victoria Azarenka
 C) Maria Sharapova
 D) Li Na
18Which Oscar-winning actor was found dead in his New York apartment in Feb 2014?
 A) Paul Thomas Anderson
 B) Philip Seymour Hoffman
 C) Joaquin Phoenix
 D) None of These
19The Central Government has appointed whom as Chairman and Managing Director of Punjab & Sind Bank (PSB) in Feb 2014?
 A) B K Divakara
 B) S.R. Bansal
 C) Jatinder Bir Singh
 D) DP Singh
20Who has been appointed as the new Country Director for India of the Asian Development Bank in Feb 2014?
 A) S.R. Bansal
 B) Teresa Kho
 C) Hun Kim
 D) Takehiko Nakao

Check below for Answers:
11Ans) Facebook
12Ans) Japan
13Ans) Manoj Fadnis
14Ans) 2.1%
15Ans) Rafael Nadal
16Ans) 28th Feb
17Ans) Serena Williams
18Ans) Philip Seymour Hoffman
19Ans) Jatinder Bir Singh
20Ans) Teresa Kho