Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 17

161Who was awarded with the Amazing Indian Award 2014 (announced in Feb 2014)?
 A) Tomas Halik
 B) Chandi Prasad Bhatt
 C) Arunima Sinha
 D) None of These
162Which country will host World Bridge Championship 2015 for Bermuda Bowl (men) and Venice Cup (women) as per World Bridge Federation (WBF) announcement in February 2014?
 A) UK
 B) Germany
 C) Australia
 D) India
163Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, President of _________ was on an official visit to India in February 2014.
 A) Sudan
 B) Libya
 C) Zanzibar
 D) Kenya
164Global Software giant Microsoft has named whom as its new Chairman in Feb 2014?
 A) Steve Ballmer
 B) Satya Nadella
 C) John Thompson
 D) Sundar Pichai
165Who has been appointed Special Advisor to United Nations to help steer the multi-nation body frame a policy and ensure its implementation in the area of broadband and associated cyber security issues in Feb 2014?
 A) Sumit bose
 B) M F Farooqui
 C) Vivek Lall
 D) Ratan P Watal
166India-s National Women-s day celebrated on 13th February every year, in the memory of which Indian woman?
 A) Annie Besant
 B) Indira Gandhi
 C) Sarojini Naidu
 D) Sucheta Kriplani
167India has signed agreements on -Green Energy Corridors- with which country in Feb 2014?
 A) UK
 B) Germany
 C) France
 D) Sweden
168Which Indian stock exchange launched a new volatility index named as "India (VIX)" which is based on the index options prices of that exchange in Feb 2014?
 A) National Stock Exchange
 B) Bombay Stock Exchange
 D) None of These
169According to Fortune Magazine report published in Feb 2014, Which company has been named as the best company to work for the fifth consecutive year?
 A) Google
 B) Microsoft
 C) Facebook
 D) Boston Consulting Group
170Joachim Guack, President of ________ visited India in Feb 2014.
 A) France
 B) Germany
 C) Norway
 D) Sweden

Check below for Answers:
161Ans) Arunima Sinha
162Ans) India
163Ans) Zanzibar
164Ans) John Thompson
165Ans) Vivek Lall
166Ans) Sarojini Naidu
167Ans) Germany
168Ans) National Stock Exchange
169Ans) Google
170Ans) Germany