Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 14

131Which International Political leader  has been awarded with Israel's highest civilian honour, the "Medal of Distinction" in February 2014?
 A) David Cameron
 B) Barak Obama
 C) Angela Merkel
 D) None of These
132Taking moral responsibility for the submarine accident off the Mumbai coast, Navy Chief Admiral _______- has resigned in Feb 2014.
 A) Norman Anil Kumar Browne
 B) Robin Dhowan
 C) DK Joshi
 D) Nirmal Kumar Verma
133Who has been appointed the new head of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India-s most profitable firm, in February 2014?
 A) P. Madhusudan
 B) Dinesh K. Sarraf
 C) A Vijayanand
 D) S.K. Sharma
134Which Indian City has become the world's most affordable office locations as per the paper published by the global realty consultant DTZ in Feb 2014?
 A) New Delhi
 B) Kolkata
 C) Hyderabad
 D) Pune
135Who was sworn in as new Egypt Prime Minister in Feb 2014? He will head Egypt's sixth government since the 2011 uprising that ended autocratic rule of Hosni Mubarak.
 A) Ibrahim Mahlab
 B) Hazem el-Beblawi
 C) Mohamed ElBaradei
 D) Adly Mansour
136Famous ________ guitarist Paco de Lucia passed away on 26 February 2014 due to a heart attack.
 A) German
 B) French
 C) Spanish
 D) British
137Finance minister P Chidambaram has presented his interim budget  for 2014 in Feb 2014. He has allocated ________ estimated requirement for implementing one-rank-one-pay scheme for armed forces in 2014-15.
 A) Rs 500 crore
 B) Rs 1000 crore
 C) Rs 300 crore
 D) Rs 700 crore
138India-s largest 130-MW Solar Power Plant -Welspun Solar MP Project- was launched in which Indian state in Feb 2014?
 A) Rajasthan
 B) Gujarat
 C) Madhya Pradesh
 D) Uttar Pradesh
139Which India-s IT Services Company has acquired the software services unit of Germany chemicals giant BASF in Feb 2014?
 A) Tech Mahindra
 B) Infosys
 C) Wipro
140Which Credit information solutions provider launched a software solution named as 'Bureau One' to collate various credit bureau responses and deliver them seamlessly in Feb 2014?
 B) DNV India
 C) Equifax India

Check below for Answers:
131Ans) Angela Merkel
132Ans) DK Joshi
133Ans) Dinesh K. Sarraf
134Ans) Hyderabad
135Ans) Ibrahim Mahlab
136Ans) Spanish
137Ans) Rs 500 crore
138Ans) Madhya Pradesh
139Ans) Tech Mahindra
140Ans) Equifax India