Current Affairs February 2014 Quiz - 1

1Who has been given additional charge of Water Resources Ministry after resignation by Water Resources Minister Harish Rawat in Feb 2014?
 A) Salman Khurshid
 B) Kapil Sibal
 C) Ghulam Nabi Azad
 D) Sushilkumar Shinde
2Who was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand in Feb 2014?
 A) Harish Rawat
 B) Vijay Bahuguna
 C) Harish Rawat
 D) B. C. Khanduri
3Which movie won the "Best Film" award in the BAFTA 2014 Awards presented in February 2014?
 A) 12 Years a slave
 B) American Hustle
 C) The Wolf of Wall Street
 D) Dollas Buyers Club
4US President Barack Obama nominated whom as the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Feb 2014?
 A) Bob Riley
 B) Michael Rogers
 C) Mac Thornberry
 D) None of These
5Which Country won the ICC World Cup Qualifier at the Bert Sutcliffe Oval, Lincoln in Feb 2014 to be part of ICC World Cup 2015?
 A) Kenya
 B) Scotland
 C) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
 D) Canada
6India's first Monorail service was opened for public use in which of the below cities?
 A) Kolkata
 B) Mumbai
 C) Hyderabad
 D) Mumbai
7"Central Excise Day" is observed on?
 A) 22nd Feb
 B) 28th Feb
 C) 24th Feb
 D) 27th Feb
8The RBI diluted rules for accelerated provisioning it had proposed for non-performing accounts in Feb 2014. As per its notification, now lenders will make _______ provision for unsecured loans that remain unpaid for six months.
 A) 30%
 B) 25%
 C) 20%
 D) 15%
9Which dbran has emerged as the most trusted brand in India according to Brand Trust Report, India Study 2014 (BTR 2014)?
 A) Nokia
 B) Tata
 C) Sony
 D) Samsung
10Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into India jumped stood at _________ in November 2013 (announced in Feb 2014).
 A) USD 1.64 billion
 B) USD 2.2 billion
 C) USD 3.1 billion
 D) USD 2.53 billion

Check below for Answers:
1Ans) Ghulam Nabi Azad
2Ans) Harish Rawat
3Ans) 12 Years a slave
4Ans) Michael Rogers
5Ans) Scotland
6Ans) Mumbai
7Ans) 24th Feb
8Ans) 25%
9Ans) Samsung
10Ans) USD 1.64 billion