Current Affairs February 2013 Quiz 3

21The Government has approved to enhance the authorised capital of NABARD to _____ from earlier limit Rs 5,000 crore in Feb 2013.
A) Rs 15,000 crore
B) Rs 10,000 crore
C) Rs 20,000 crore
D) Rs 25,000 crore
22Sachin Tendulkar has scored 140 not out against Rest of India team during Irani Cup match in Feb 2013 to touch Sunil Gavaskar's record of most number of hundreds in first class cricket. How many centuries they have scored?
A) 76
B) 80
C) 81
D) 85
23What was India-s rank in the list of 179 countries in the 2013 World Press Freedom Index published by the -Reporters Without Borders" in Feb 2013?
A) 173
B) 131
C) 153
D) 140
24Indian Government has sold stake in which PSU company in Feb 2013 to raise around Rs 11,500 crore from market?
D) Oil India
25What is the name of new luxury coach introduced during Railway budget 2013?
A) Anubhab
B) Anubhuti
C) Anudhriti
D) None of These
26Which company has acquired Jawood, a business services provider to healthcare payer industry, in Feb 2013?
A) Infosys
B) Wipro
C) Genpact
D) HCL Technologies
27Which movie won the "Best Cinematography" award at the 85th Academy Awards (2013 Oscar) held in February 2013?
A) Les MisÚrables
B) Lincoln
C) Skyfall
D) Life of Pi
28The European Central Bank has left interest rates unchanged at ____ for the entire Euro zone in Feb 2013.
A) 0.25%
B) 0.5%
C) 0.75%
D) 1%
29US President Barack Obama has nominated as the new U.S. interior secretary for looking after the huge energy reserves as well as the national parks in Feb 2013?
A) John Kerry
B) Joe Biden
C) John McCain
D) Sally Jewell
30Which country has the highest jobless rate in the Euro zone with unemployment rate at 26.8% in Dec 2012.
A) Portugal
B) Spain
C) Greece
D) Italy

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Current Affairs February 2013 Quiz - 3 Answers
21Ans) Rs 20,000 crore
22Ans) 81
23Ans) 140
24Ans) NTPC
25Ans) Anubhuti
26Ans) Genpact
27Ans) Life of Pi
28Ans) 0.75%
29Ans) Sally Jewell
30Ans) Greece