Current Affairs February 2013 Quiz 10

91Which Company won the 2012 Golden Peacock Award for The Most Innovative Product /Service by the Institute of Directors, India in Feb 2013 for its Cloud Ecosystem Hub?
 A) Infosys
 C) Wipro
 D) HCL Technologies
92Leading accounting and consultancy firm E&Y India has awarded whom with the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 award in Feb 2013?
 A) Adi Godrej
 B) Azim Premji
 C) Anand Mahindra
 D) N R Narayana Murthy
93Who has won The Hindu Literary Prize 2012 for his novel Em and the Big Hoom in Feb 2013?
 A) Jeet Thayil
 B) Kiran Nagarkar
 C) Anjum Hasan
 D) Jerry Pinto
94Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador/Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations in New York in Feb 2013?
 A) Hardeep Singh Puri
 B) Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty
 C) Asoke Kumar Mukerji
 D) None of These
95US based American Airlines has announced plans to merge its business with wchich airlines company to form the world's biggest airline in Feb 2013?
 A) Southwest Airlines
 B) US Airways
 C) Delta Airlines
 D) Atlantic Airlines
96Australia's women cricket team won the Women's World Cup after defeating West Indies Women Cricket team in the final match held in Feb 2013. This is their ____ World Cup win.
 A) Third
 B) Fourth
 C) Fifth
 D) Sixth
97Won won the "Best Supporting Actress" award at the BAFTAs held in February 2013?
 A) Amy Adams
 B) Anne Hathaway
 C) Sally Field
 D) Helen Hunt
98India-s GDP growth for the third quarter of the current financial year 2012-13 stood at?
 A) 5.3%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 5.1%
 D) 4.8%
99Which party has retained power in Meghalaya after emerging as the single largest party in the recently held assembly election in Feb 2013?
 B) Congress
 D) None of These
100Who was conferred the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2011 by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in Feb 2013?
 A) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
 B) Ela Ramesh Bhatt
 C) Lula da Silva
 D) None of These

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Current Affairs February 2013 Quiz - 1 0 Answers
91Ans) Infosys
92Ans) Adi Godrej
93Ans) Jerry Pinto
94Ans) Asoke Kumar Mukerji
95Ans) US Airways
96Ans) Sixth
97Ans) Anne Hathaway
98Ans) 4.5%
99Ans) Congress
100Ans) Ela Ramesh Bhatt