Current Affairs Feb 2015 Quiz - 8

71AAP wins Delhi Assembly Election in a landslide victory in Feb 2015. It won how many assembly seats out of total 70 seats?
A) 61
B) 64
C) 67
D) 68
72As per Union budget announced in Feb 2015, Government targets __________ from stake sales or divestment in companies in FY 2015/16.
A) Rs 35,000 crore
B) Rs 41,000 crore
C) Rs 48,000 crore
D) None of These

73Yash Bhati Samman 2015 was awarded to famous journalist and writer _________ by Uttar Pradesh government in Feb 2015.
A) Shekhar Gupta
B) Barkha Dutt
C) Vinod Mehta
D) Rajdeep Sardesai
74National Women's Day' is celebrated on ________ across India.
A) 13-Feb
B) 17-Feb
C) 23-Feb
D) 18-Feb
75The Reserve Bank of India has kept repo rate unchanged at  ________ during its announcement of seventh bi-monthly monetary policy review in Feb 2015.
A) 8%
B) 7.75%
C) 7.25%
D) 7%
76Who won the Best Actress in the Supporting role award at the BAFTA 2015 Awards held in Feb 2015?
A) Amy Adams
B) Jennifer Aniston
C) Reese Witherspoon
D) Patricia Arquette
77Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Indraprastha Gas Ltd in Feb 2015?
A) M Ravindran
B) K K Gupta
C) B. C. Tripathi
D) Dinesh K Sarraf
78Which movie won the Best Movie award at the 60th Filmfare Awards held in Feb 2015?
A) Queen
B) 2 States
C) Haider
79Which Indian Private bank has launched India-s first digital bank 'Pockets' service in Feb 2015 to allow anyone to instantly make transactions on a mobile phone with or without a bank account?
A) Yes Bank
B) HDFC Bank
C) Kotak Mahindra Bank
D) ICICI bank
80___________ theatre artist and film actor Atmaram Govind Bhende passed away in Feb 2015.
A) Marathi
B) Hindi
C) Gujarathi
D) None of These

71Ans) 67
72Ans) Rs 41,000 crore
73Ans) Vinod Mehta
74Ans) 13-Feb
75Ans) 7.75%
76Ans) Patricia Arquette
77Ans) M Ravindran
78Ans) Queen
79Ans) ICICI bank
80Ans) Marathi

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