Current Affairs Feb 2015 Quiz - 11

101India and _________ have signed a civil nuclear deal in Feb 2015 during presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
A) Myanmar
B) Thailand
C) Sri Lanka
D) Vietnam
102Which Indian woman footballer was presented with All India Football Federation-s 2014 Player of the Year award in the women category in Feb 2015?
A) Bala Devi
B) Oinam Bembem Devi
C) Amoolya Kamal
D) Mandakini Devi

103"National Science Day" is observed on ______________?
A) 21st Feb
B) 22nd Feb
C) 24th Feb
D) 28th Feb
104India's trade deficit stood at __________ in January 2015 (announced in Feb 2015).
A) USD 9.45 billion
B) USD 10.20 billion
C) USD 11.56 billion
D) USD 13.8 billion
105As per Union budget announced in Feb 2015, it was proposed to cut  corporate tax to 25% over next how many years?
A) Two
B) Three
C) Four
D) Five
106Japanese economy grew by an annualized rate of __________ in the fourth quarter (September-December) of the previous year 2014 (announced in Feb 2015).
A) 0.6%
B) 0.9%
C) 2.2%
D) 3.1%
107Two women scientists, __________, have been chosen for the Dr.Y. Nayudamma Memorial Award 2014. Both have been chosen for their significant contributions in the fields of missile technology and remote sensing in Feb 2015.
A) Tessy Thomas and Qudsia Tahseen
B) Tessy Thomas and Geeta Varadan
C) B K Thelma and Geeta Varadan
D) None of These
108India-born __________ has been appointed as the next CEO of US-based accounting giant Deloitte's global operations in Feb 2015. With this he will become the first Indian-origin person to head a 'Big-Four' audit firm.
A) Punit Renjen
B) Ajaypal Singh Banga
C) Shantanu Narayen
D) Indra Nooyi
109Who won the Best Actor in the leading role award at the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars 2015) held in Feb 2015?
A) Steve Carell
B) Michael Keaton
C) Joaquin Phoenix
D) Eddie Redmayne
110Who won the Best Music Director award at the 60th Filmfare Awards held in Feb 2015?
A) Amit Trivedi
B) Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
C) Pritam
D) Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari

101Ans) Sri Lanka
102Ans) Bala Devi
103Ans) 28th Feb
104Ans) USD 9.45 billion
105Ans) Four
106Ans) 2.2%
107Ans) Tessy Thomas and Geeta Varadan
108Ans) Punit Renjen
109Ans) Eddie Redmayne
110Ans) Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

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