Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 22

211__________________________, a children book series has been launched by Actor Hrithik Roashan Which is being published for visually impaired people in Braille Format.
A) The Hobbit
B) Tactabet
C) The Snowy Day
D) Matilda
212_____________________has been re-elected unopposed as the President of all India Football Federation for a four year term.
A) Nasim Zaidi
B) Protul Patel
C)  H.L.Dattu
D) Ashok Kumar Mathur
213_______________________ has been named the ICC cricketer of the year and ICC test cricketer of the year at ICC Awards in Dubai.
A) Mohit Sharma
B) Mohammed Shami
C)  Harbhajan Singh
D) Ravi Chandran Aswin
214The Cricket Association Of India has organized a 17 membered team of India for the upcoming second _________________________for Visually Challenged person.
A) World Cup Cricket
B) Test Series Cricket
C) T20 Cricket World Cup
D) One Day International
215_______________________, a 12-year-old boy has outshined India in the kids Golf World Championship 2016 in Malaysia.
A) S.B. Nayar
B) G.S. Jha
C) Arjun Bhati
D) Karnal Singh
216_________________________has become the highest advance taxpaying actor. He has paid an advance tax of Rs. 80 Crore till December 15, 2016.
A) Amir Khan
B) Salman Khan
C) Arjun Kapoor
D) Hrithik Roshan
217_____________________ has emerged as the country-s most well-read city in the 4th consecutive year by Amazon.
A) Kolkata
B) Delhi
C) Mumbai
D) Hyderabad
218_______________________, independent director of Tata Motors has been removed from the board of directors by shareholders.
A) Ashok Chawla
B) Nusli Wadia
C) Ajit Kumar Doval
D) Shumsher K. Sheriff
219The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has imposed a complete ban on burning of _____________ in open places.
A) Paper
B) waste
C) Plastic
D) Woods
220The 35  years old Shiva Keshavan has won gold medal in Asian Luge championship in Nagano, ______________.
A) China
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) India

211Ans) Tactabet
212Ans) Protul Patel
213Ans) Ravi Chandran Aswin
214Ans) T20 Cricket World Cup
215Ans) Arjun Bhati
216Ans) Hrithik Roshan
217Ans) Delhi
218Ans) Nusli Wadia
219Ans) waste
220Ans) Japan

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