Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 21

201______________________has successfully launched a 26 metre long rocket named Epsilon-2 which put a Satellite that helps radiation belts in orbit. Epsilon-2 is the part of a new generation of solid propellant rockets which can reduce launch cost up to one third.
A) China
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) India
202_____________________has signed an agreement with the New Development Bank (NDB) set up by the BRICS approving 525 million yunn loans for a solar power project in the country.
A) China
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) India
203______________________has launched a global carbon dioxide monitoring satellite to understand climate change.
A) China
B) Japan
C) Pakistan
D) India
204National Mathematics Day of India is being observed on _________________.
A) 21st December
B) 16th December
C) 22nd December
D) 1st December
205___________________, additional chief secretary and commissioner of Land Administration has been appointed as the chief secretary of Tamil Nadu in place of P. Rama Mohana Rao.
A) Naseem Ahmad
B) Girija Vaidyanathan
C) P. L. Punia
D) R.K.Mathur
206Writer Jerry Pinto, Tamil author Vannadasan, Hindi Writer Nasira Sharma are declared the winners of ________________ among 24 others.
A) Man Booker prize 2016
B) Tansen Award 2016
C) Pulitzer 2016
D) Sahitya Academy Award 2016
207India has over taken the _______________________ in terms of size of economy for the first time in 150 years as per report published in Frobes Magazine.
A) United States
B) United Kingdom
C) United Arab Emirates
D) Italy
208Delhi Lieutenant Governor_________________has resigned to the government of India.
A) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
B)  Najeeb Jung
C) Sam Pitroda
D) G.S.Jha
209The Government of India has approved cadre review and formation of the___________________ in the office of the development Commissioner, ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises.
A) Salaries and Allowance of MPs
B)  India Enterprise Development Service (IEDS)
C) Rules Committee
D) Library Committee
210Actor__________________________has become the first India to be appointed as the global ambassador of the hair care brand Pantene.
A) Amisha Patel
B) Deepika Padukone
C)  Priyanka Chopra
D) Katrina Kaif

201Ans) Japan
202Ans) China
203Ans) China
204Ans) 22nd December
205Ans) Girija Vaidyanathan
206Ans) Sahitya Academy Award 2016
207Ans) United Kingdom
208Ans) Najeeb Jung
209Ans) India Enterprise Development Service (IEDS)
210Ans) Priyanka Chopra

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