Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 15

141_____________________, the marvelous city has entered into the UN-s list of world heritage sites.
 A) Bulgaria
 B) Belgium
 C) Rio de janeiro
 D) Azerbaijan
142The 44th Indian Navy Day is observed on _______________.
 A) 8-Dec
 B) 5-Dec
 C) 7-Dec
 D) 4-Dec

143Issa bin Saad al-Jafalial-Nuaimi, Labour Minister of ______________ has announced the end of Kafala system.
 A) Romania
 B) Belgium
 C) Qatar
 D) Mexico
144______________ (hypothetical withdrawal of of Greece from EU) are added to the Oxford English Dictionary among the 1500 new words and phrases.
 A) La-la Land
 B) Brexit and Grexit
 C) Textspeak
 D) Pueple State
145Nobel Prize winning economist ______________ has passed away at the age of 95.
 A) Jan Tinbergen
 B) Herbert A. Simon
 C) James Meade
 D) Thomas Schelling
146______________, the legendary actor of Hollywood has passed away at the age of 89.
 A) Clark Gable
 B) Bernard Fox
 C) Marlon Brando
 D) Fred Astaire
147Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India has ranked ___________ on the Forbes list of 74 of the world-s most powerful people.
 A) 5th
 B) 6th
 C) 9th
 D) 10th
148 _______________has become the new CEO of Indian Bank Association (IBA).
 A) Chris Evert
 B) Novak Djokovic
 C) Steffi Graf
 D) V G Kannan
149The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation for November 2016 came in at a five months low of _______________, lower than 3.39% in the October month.
 A) 3.8%
 B) 3.10%
 C) 3.15%
 D) 3.25%
150The Government of India has announced to extend its _____________ facility to the citizens of 161 countries.
 A) Visitor Visa
 B) Professionals Visa
 C) e-tourist Visa
 D) Treaty and Investor Visa

141Ans) Rio de janeiro
142Ans) 4-Dec
143Ans) Qatar
144Ans) Brexit and Grexit
145Ans) Thomas Schelling
146Ans) Bernard Fox
147Ans) 9th
148Ans) V G Kannan
149Ans) 3.15%
150Ans) e-tourist Visa

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