Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 14

131External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Philanthropist Couple Anupama and Vineet Nayar has been named in the global thinkers of 2016 list, compiled by the ____________.
 A) Forbes magazine
 B) TIME Magazine
 C) Fortune Magazine
 D) Foreign Policy Magazine
132Good Governance Day is observed on ___________ across the country.
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23-Dec
 C) 25-Dec
 D) 28-Dec

133The Book titled -_____________- an Inspiring Journey of Transforming Dream written by Rabindra Kumar, 2011 batch IAS officer has published. He is the 1st IAS officer to climb up Mount Everest.
 A) My Everest
 B) A journey to Everest
 C) Many Everest
 D) Mount Everest
134_______________, former head Google e-commerce has been appointed as Industry Director for e-commerce, retail, travel and financial services verticals of facebook.
 A) Hameed Gul
 B) Pulkit Trivedi
 C) Robert Cawthome
 D) Harry Atkinson
135______________ has won the Badminton World Federation (BWF) 2016 most improved Player of the year award in Dubai.
 A) Saina Nehwal
 B) Ashwini Ponnappa
 C) Jwala Gutta
 D) P V Sindhu
136________________ has been sworn in as 15th king of Malaysia.
 A) King George VI
 B) Abdul Halim Of Kedah
 C) Sultan Muhammad V
 D)  Argead Dynasty
137Andy Murray and ________________of Germany were named ITF World champions 2016.
 A) Thomas Enqvist
 B) Nicklas Kulti
 C) Angelique Kerber
 D) Marcelo Ríos
138A biopic of Madonna titled _________________ has been named the most admired unproduced film script currently in the Hollywood system.
 A) Seneschal
 B) Blond Ambition
 C) Lictor
 D) Solicitor
139______________, one of the most renowned jockeys of his generation and rider of Shergar has passed away at the age of 55.
 A) Pat Cash
 B) Guy Forget
 C) Nicolás Pereira
 D) Walter Swinbur
140Indian- American PepsiCo CEO_______________ has joined US President-elect Donald Trump-s strategic and policy forum.
 A)  Indra Nooyi
 B) Mariano Zabaleta
 C) John McEnroe
 D) Indra Bhatt

131Ans) Foreign Policy Magazine
132Ans) 25-Dec
133Ans) Many Everest
134Ans) Pulkit Trivedi
135Ans) P V Sindhu
136Ans) Sultan Muhammad V
137Ans) Angelique Kerber
138Ans) Blond Ambition
139Ans) Walter Swinbur
140Ans) Indra Nooyi

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