Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 11

101___________________ has announced that he will step down as CEO of Coca- Cola in May 2017.
 A) Shantanu Narayen
 B) Doug Parker
 C) Muhtar Kent
 D) Tim Armstrong
102Kisan Diwas is observed on ___________ across the country to celebrate the birthday of Chaudhary Charan Singh.
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23-Dec
 C) 25-Dec
 D) 28-Dec

103____________________ of Singapore has won the 2016 IBFS world Billiards Long Up title.
 A) Michael Dell
 B) Andrew Liveris
 C) Peter Gilchrist
 D) Julia Stewart
104Japan has launched a rocket carrying  __________________ cargo spaceship Kounotori 6 to deliver supplies for Astronauts living in the International Space Station (ISS).
 A) unmanned
 B) four manned
 C) three manned
 D) two manned
105A UN General Assembly resolution has urged for an immediate ceasefire in__________ .
 A) Nigeria
 B) Pakistan
 C) Afganisthan
 D) Syria
106 Who has been named as the new Prime Minister of Italy?
 A) Roberta Pinotti
 B) Paolo Gentiloni
 C) Matteo Renzi
 D) Sergio Mattarella
107The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC Russia has reached a mutual agreement on their first deal since 2001 to restrict _________________ jointly to control excess global availability of the oil and thus boost oil prices.
 A) oil production
 B) oil Exporting
 C) oil Importing
 D) oil Selling
108Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT), the World-s longest tunnel in ___________ has opened for regular rail services.
 A) England
 B) Germany
 C) Switzerland
 D) France
109Who has become the new Prime Minister of New Zealand?
 A) Henry Sewell
 B) William Fox
 C) Edward Stafford
 D) Bill English
110Human Rights Day is observed on_______________ across the world to bring to light the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
 A) 10-Dec
 B) 12-Dec
 C) 18-Dec
 D) 19-Dec

101Ans) Muhtar Kent
102Ans) 23-Dec
103Ans) Peter Gilchrist
104Ans) unmanned
105Ans) Syria
106Ans) Paolo Gentiloni
107Ans) oil production
108Ans) Switzerland
109Ans) Bill English
110Ans) 10-Dec

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