Current Affairs December 2016 Quiz - 10

91__________________, online retailer has announced that Harry Potter is the best-selling book of the year 2016.
 A) Flipkart
 B) Amazon
 C) Myntra
 D) ebay
92Stockholders of National Bank of Abu Dhabi and first Gulf Bank has approved to merge into the biggest Bank of all Gulf countries with an asset of _______________.
 A) $ 278 Billion
 B) $ 178 Billion
 C) $ 578 Billion
 D) $ 478 Billion

93International Mountain Day is observed on ___________ .
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23-Dec
 C) 11-Dec
 D) 18-Dec
94______________, former astronaut of NASA and Democratic US Senator from Ohio has passed away at the age of 95.
 A) John Mahama
 B) John Galen
 C) Jerry Rawlings
 D) John Kufuor
95The 21st international Film Festival of _____________ has started at Thiruvananthapuram.
 A) Goa
 B) Kolkata
 C) Ooti
 D) Kerala
96India and ________________ has signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement for further strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.
 A) Mayanmar
 B) Vietnam
 C) Srilanka
 D) Itally
97_________________, the documentary of Indian Filmmaker Onir has won the Award of Recognition at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award.
 A)  Paris Nothing but the Hours
 B) Manhatta
 C) Raising The Bar
 D) Rien que les heures
98Larcen and Tubro (L &T) has bagged a contract from Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) to make Sardar Patel Cricket stadium, the world-s largest stadium in terms of _____________ in Gujarat.
 A) Area
 B) Wirdth
 C) Length
 D) seating capacity
99India was ranked _____________ in list of countries most impacted by terrorism in 2015, according to the Global terrorism Index (GTI) 2016.
 A) 1st
 B) 7th
 C) 10th
 D) 5th
100The International Human Rights Day is being observed on _______________.
 A) 12th December
 B) 10th December
 C) 20th December
 D) 15th December

91Ans) Amazon
92Ans) $178 Billion
93Ans) 11-Dec
94Ans) John Galen
95Ans) Kerala
96Ans) Vietnam
97Ans) Raising The Bar
98Ans) seating
99Ans) 7th
100Ans) 10th December

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