Current Affairs December 2015 Quiz - 10

91India has been ranked at ____________ out of 167 nations on a Global Index that measures the level of information and communication technology access, published in Dec 2015.
 A) 97th
 B) 112nd
 C) 131st
 D) 142nd
92Kisan Diwas is observed on ___________ across the country to celebrate the birthday of Chaudhary Charan Singh.
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23-Dec
 C) 25-Dec
 D) 28-Dec

93Which team won the first season of Pro Wrestling League title 2015, held in Dec 2015?
 A) Haryana Hammers
 B) Mumbai Garuda
94Justice Tirath Singh Thakur was sworn in as__________ Chief Justice of India (CJI) by President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 3rd December 2015.
 A) 41st
 B) 42nd
 C)  43rd
 D) 44th
95Who has been appointed as the New Secretary of Union Ministry of Earth Science in Dec 2015?
 A) Arun Kumar Jain
 B) Radha Krishna Mathur
 C) Ahmad Javed
 D) M Nair Rajeevan
96Human Rights Day is observed on_______________ across the world to bring to light the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
 A) 10-Dec
 B) 12-Dec
 C) 18-Dec
 D) 19-Dec
97Armed Forces Flag Day is observed on _______________.
 A) 8-Dec
 B) 5-Dec
 C) 7-Dec
 D) 11-Dec
98National Mathematics Day is observed on _______________.
 A) 28-Dec
 B) 15-Dec
 C) 22-Dec
 D) 11-Dec
99Good Governance Day is observed on ___________ across the country.
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23-Dec
 C) 25-Dec
 D) 28-Dec
100The 44th Indian Navy Day is observed on _______________.
 A) 8-Dec
 B) 5-Dec
 C) 7-Dec
 D) 4-Dec

91Ans) 131st
92Ans) 23-Dec
93Ans) Mumbai Garuda
94Ans) 43rd
95Ans) M Nair Rajeevan
96Ans) 10-Dec
97Ans) 7-Dec
98Ans) 22-Dec
99Ans) 25-Dec
100Ans) 4-Dec

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