Current Affairs December 2015 Quiz - 1

1Leaders of G20 countries have launched Mission Innovation at United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) held in _________ in Dec 2015.
 A) Geneva
 B) London
 C) Paris
 D) New York
2Indian economy grew by __________ in second quarter of FY16, as per data published in Dec 2015.
 A) 7%
 B) 7.4%
 C) 7.7%
 D) 7.0%

3International Monetary Fund (IMF) has included which currency into its elite reserve currency basket in Dec 2015 which will be effective from 1st October 2016?
 A) Indian Rupee
 B) Yen
 C) Yuan
 D) None of These
4The Reserve Bank of India has kept repo rate unchanged  ________ during its fifth bi-monthly monetary policy review meeting for fiscal year 2015-16 in Dec 2015.
 A) 7.25%
 B) 6.75%
 C) 6.5%
 D) 7%
5World AIDS day is observed on__________
 A) 1st December
 B) 4th December
 C) 14th December
 D) 15th December
6One of the most popular ___________ film directors Eldar Ryazanov passed away 30th November 2015 after the prolonged illness. He was 88.
 A) German
 B) French
 C) Russian
 D) Italian
7Who were awarded with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Asian Business Leadership Forum (ABLF) Series held in Dubai in Dec 2015.
 A) Tata Sons
 B) Lord Swaraj Paul
 C) Hinduja Brothers
 D) Ambani Brothers
8Famous violinist ______________ was honoured with the Sangeet Samman at the ITC Sangeet Sammelan 2015 held in December 2015 at the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata.
 A) V. G. Jog
 B) L. Vaidyanathan
 C) Lakshminarayana Subramaniam
 D) L. Shankar
9India-s _____________ won gold medal in the 7th WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Championships held in Bangkok in Dec 2015 in the fitness physique category. Overall, India won 11 medals in the championships in which participation from 47 nations had participated.
 A) Ankur Sharma
 B) Thakur Anoop Singh
 C) Suhas Khamkar
 D) Neeraj Kumar
10Indian IT services Company _______________ has acquired Cellent AG, a German IT consulting company, for 73.5 million euro in an all-cash deal in Dec 2015.
 A) Infosys
 B) Wipro

1Ans) Paris
2Ans) 7.4%
3Ans) Yuan
4Ans) 6.75%
5Ans) 1st December
6Ans) Russian
7Ans) Hinduja Brothers
8Ans) Lakshminarayana Subramaniam
9Ans) Thakur Anoop Singh
10Ans) Wipro

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