Current Affairs December 2013 Quiz 8

71International civil aviation day is observed on __________________
 A) 16-Dec
 B) 7-Dec
 C) 11-Dec
 D) 12-Dec
72The 9th WTO ministrial conference was held in December 2013 at ___________.
 A) Bali, Indoneshia
 B) Geneva, Switzerland
 C) Sanghai, China
 D) Kulalampur, Malaysia
73Who has been re-appointed as the OPCW Director General at the 18th Session of the Conference of State Parties held in Dec 2013?
 A) Thorbjørn Jagland
 B) José Maurício Bustani
 C) Ahmet Uzumcu
 D) None of These
74The Central Government has appointed whom as Chairman & Managing Director of Union Bank of India in Dec 2013?
 A) Arun Tiwari
 B) Anurag Jain
 C) C.V.R. Rajendran
 D) P Pradeep Kumar
75UN General Assembly elected which country to the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member in Dec 2013 to replace Saudi Arabia?
 A) Qatar
 B) Turkey
 C) Jordan
 D) Yemen
76Who was sworn in as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister for third consecutive term in Dec 2013 after leading BJP to a spectacular hat-trick in Assembly elections?
 A) Vasundhara Raje
 B) Shivraj Singh Chouhan
 C) Rajnath Singh
 D) Raman Singh
77Who has been appointed as head of National Security Guard (NSG) in Dec 2013?
 A) Arvind Ranjan
 B) Sumit bose
 C) J N Choudhury
 D) Ranjan Mathai
78Who  has been awarded the 2013 UN Human Rights Prize in Dec 2013, an honour previously given to icons like late Nelson Mandela in recognition of outstanding achievement in human rights.
 A) Malala Yousafzai
 B) Lyudmila Ulitskaya
 C) Ai Xiaoming
 D) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
79The US unemployment rate has dropped to _______________from 7.3% in Nov 2013 (announced in Dec 2013).
 A) 6%
 B) 7%
 C) 9%
 D) 12%
80FIFA, the international football body,  has awarded which country to host Under 17 world cup will held in 2017?
 A) India
 B) China
 C) Uzbekistan
 D) South Africa

Check below for Answers:
71Ans) 7-Dec
72Ans) Bali, Indoneshia
73Ans) Ahmet Uzumcu
74Ans) Arun Tiwari
75Ans) Jordan
76Ans) Shivraj Singh Chouhan
77Ans) J N Choudhury
78Ans) Malala Yousafzai
79Ans) 7%
80Ans) India