Current Affairs December 2013 Quiz 5

41The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set up a panel to review the current system of data collection, dissemination and data management processes in the central bank and improve the existing mechanism in Dec 2013. The 15-member committee will be headed by whom?
 A) C Rangarajan
 B) Deepak Mohanty
 C) Gowri Mukherjee
 D)  N. K. Sodhi
42The US economic growth stood at _______  in the third quarter of the current year compared to earlier estimate of 2.8%.
 A) 3.1%
 B) 3.9%
 C) 3.6%
 D) 3.5%
43The Bank of England has kept interest rates at a record low of ______, despite signs that the UK economy is improving in Dec 2013. It has kept the interest rate unchanged since March 2009.
 A) 0.75%
 B) 0.25%
 C) 0.5%
 D) None of These
44The official 2014 FIFA World Cup match ball named as _____- was unveiled in Dec 2013 by manufacturers Adidas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
 A) Brazik
 B) Brazuka
 C) Brazum
 D) Brazila
45Delhi Jal Board will provide ______ litres water per month free of cost to every household in the city from 1st January 2014 (announced in Dec 2013) after AAP forming Delhi Government as per its promise.
 A) 15,000
 B) 10,000
 C) 20,000
 D) 25,000
46India-s Retail inflation, measured by Consumer Price Index, stood at _______ in November (announced in Dec 2013).
 A) 11.74%
 B) 10.09%
 C) 12.14%
 D) 10.76%
47India was ranked at _________ in the list of best countries for doing business published by forbes magazine in Dec 2013.
 A) 67th
 B) 33th
 C) 98th
 D) 25th
48In terms of trade freedom, India was ranked ________ and on monetary freedom basis it was placed at 132nd rank as per the list published by forbes magazine in Dec 2013.
 A) 128th
 B) 33th
 C) 98th
 D) 25th
49South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis surpassed _______ as the third highest run-getter in Test cricket after a 115-run knock against India in his last test match in Dec 2013.
 A) Ricky Ponting
 B) Rahul Dravid
 C) Brian Lara
 D) Alan Border
50India-s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth stood at _________ in October 2013 (Announced in Dec 2013).
 A) -2%
 B) -1.8%
 C) 1.6%
 D) 1.5%

Check below for Answers:
41Ans) Deepak Mohanty
42Ans) 3.6%
43Ans) 0.5%
44Ans) Brazuka
45Ans) 20,000
46Ans) 11.74%
47Ans) 98 th
48Ans) 128th
49Ans) Rahul Dravid (13288 runs)
50Ans) -1.8%