Current Affairs December 2013 Quiz 16

151Kisan Diwas is observed on ___________ across the country to celebrate the birthday of Chaudhary Charan Singh.
 A) 21-Dec
 B) 23- Dec
 C) 25-Dec
 D) 280Dec
152Inflation in chaina,measure by the consumer price index stood at ________ in Nov 2013 (announced in Dec).
 A) 3.3%
 B) 2.7%
 C) 3.5%
 D) 3.0%
153Which two former famous Cricketer was introduced in ICC'S Hall of Fame in Dec 2013 (70th and 71st male members of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame)?
 A) Waqar younis and Adam Gilcrist
 B) Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting
 C) Rahul Dravid and Adam Gilcrist
 D) Wasim Akram and Adam Gilcrist
154Who has been appointed as the Chairman CEO in Pepsico India of its India business in Dec 2013?
 A) Gautham Mukkavilli
 B) D.Shivkumar
 C) Anurag Jain
 D) P.Madhusudhan
155The Reserve Bank of India has kept the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) unchanged at ________ during its announcement of December 2013 monetary policy review.
 A) 5%
 B) 4.5%
 C) 4.25%
 D) 4%
156Which company has extanded relationship with BCCI by winning team India's sponshorship for three years in Dec 2013?
 A) STAR India
 B) Zee  TV
 C) Sony Max
 D) Ten Sports
157Which state was the champion in the 29th junior Athletics championship held in Dec 2013?
 A) Haryana
 B) Kerela
 C) Maharashtra
 D) Tamil Nadu
158Europe has launched the ______ satellite - one of the most ambitious space missions in history in Dec 2013. It is going to map the precise positions and distances to more than a billion stars.
 A) Gaia
 B) Maia
 C) Sia
 D) None of These
159Human Rights Day is observed on_______________ across the world to bring to light the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
 A) 10-Dec
 B) 12-Dec
 C) 18-Dec
 D) 19-Dec
160The World Innovation Summit for Health, WISH-2013 was held at ____________ in Dec 2013 with a call for practical, innovative and sustainable health solutions.
 A) Doha
 B) Jakarta
 C) Dubai
 D) geneva

Check below for Answers:
151Ans) 23- Dec
152Ans) 3.0%
153Ans) Waqar Younis and Adam Gilcrist
154Ans) D.Shivkumar
155Ans) 4%
156Ans) STAR India
157Ans) Kerela
158Ans) Gaia
159Ans) 10-Dec
160Ans) Doha