Current Affairs Dec 2014 Quiz - 8

71Which country won the bronze medal in the Champions Trophy hockey tournament held in India in Dec 2014?
A) Pakistan
B) Australia
C) India
D) Germany
72International Anti-corruption day is observed on ______________.
A) 12-Dec
B) 9-Dec
C) 11-Dec
D) 7-Dec

73Special Director in the Intelligence Bureau, ________ was appointed as new chief of Intelligence Bureau in Dec 2014.
A) Syed Asif Ibrahim
B) Ajit Doval
C) Dineshwar Sharma
D) Shashi Kant Sharma
74The West Bengal Transport Minister, Madan Mitra, was arrested by the CBI in Dec 2014 in connection with the chit fund related ________ Scam. With this, he was the first Bengal Cabinet minister to be arrested by the central investigation agency in connection with the scam.
A) Basil
B) Saradha
C) Rose Valley
D) None of These
75Union Government added ______ new drugs under National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) in Dec 2014 in order to keep check on prices of essential medicines.
A) 42
B) 48
C) 52
D) 65
76Which state Government has declared Dahi Handi as an adventurous sport to make it a safe sport in Dec 2014?
A) Karnataka
B) Maharashtra
C) Gujarat
D) Goa
77Who from India won the -Miss Universal Peace & Humanity 2014- title held at Beirut, Lebanon in Dec 2014? With this, she becomes the first Indian to win this pageant.
A) Koyal Rana
B) Ruhi Singh
C) Jhataleka Malhotra
D) None of These
78Playback singer _________ was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) held in Dubai in Dec 2014 for her contribution to Indian film industry for more than decades?
A) Alka Yagnik
B) Lata Mangeshkar
C) Asha Bhosle
D) Kavita Krishnamurthy
79Delhi High Court has banned Which company to sell phones in India over an alleged patent issue with global tech giant Ericsson in Dec 2014?
A) Oppo
B) Xiaomi
C) Huawei
D) Lava
80A gunman held some people as hostage at a cafe in ________ with an Islamic flag displayed against a window of the cafe in Dec 2014.
A) Melbourne
B) Sydney
C) Perth
D) London

71Ans) Australia
72Ans) 9-Dec
73Ans) Dineshwar Sharma
74Ans) Saradha
75Ans) 52
76Ans) Maharashtra
77Ans) Ruhi Singh
78Ans) Asha Bhosle
79Ans) Xiaomi
80Ans) Sydney

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